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E3 Trailer Good Impresions

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First I want to congratulate the hole Petroglyph and EAWLEC teams for exceding our expectations at so many levels.


More I want to thank to Mike and Frank for the nice music. It is better than Episode III music. (* I have seen the movie too:))


The Space Battles


The way the ships do battle in space is breath takeing. The camera movements are a dream come true for an explorer and admirer like me.


I like very much how the ships explode and take damage. First the dust part and second the part when the ship subsystem is destroyed. The effects are more than nice and they will certanly not frozen my old video card. Thank you Mike for that.


I also want to say thanks to Mike for the Jedi and Abdul says thanks for the Death Star. (*to my horror / there is no way to convince him to play rebels and he will blow all my planets :cry: He usualy does this in Rebellion.


My favorite ship is the Moon Calamari Home One Cruiser. If you look closley all the Imperial fleet is scared to death by that ship and the player puts in the video all fleet to attack the Home One Weapons.


After a second consideration I love the ideea that vehicules and fighters can overlap and go true each other in some sitiations. This will not be noticed and the game will not frozen cause some fighter got stuck in who knows what ships side.


The sound is very cool ! The voices too just that they seem to calm. They all sound like assasins prepareing to sneak and kill someone with a knife :) Also I will love to see a 3D face of the imperial officer who speaks, when speaks in the small window. The Imperial voices have to much american accent. A more german one will do better. Are not the imperials like the natzy ? so they must remember us what evil they can do.


I also like the planets . they are so real in size and so active. Did anyone of you see that they actually turn ? and that on the dark side of the planet you can actually see city lights at night ?


I also like the fog of war behind the planet . It is very realistic to put it only behind the planet from the enemy's point of view. I am also courious to know if we will be able to see only one probe in the same space when it is prepareing to land and spy on a planet.


I loved how the fighters move. So realistic ! All that manuvers. The TIEs deploy to fast and I also will like to see some homeing heat missiles action. Or big ships torpedo fire like in the old EAW screenshots.



The Land Battles



I loved the characters saber actions and force use ! Especialy the movement of the clothes. I think the characters should have the most detailed 3D bodys cause the player will zoom to see their action. I hope they will jump.



I also loved the dust effects and the sound of the AT AT (Camel). But it seems to be moveing a bit to fast or I suspect that the game was on the x3 speed ?!



Vaders voice was so cool ... why Obi Kenoby had not spoken ?



I also liked that in my opinions the maps are large enough and that the battle lefts craters in the gorund that probably persist after the battle and into the next.


All in all the space battle was more cool and realistic than the land one but both are great ! Or I think I'm under the influence of Episode III space battles ?!


May the Force be with Petroglyph and LEC.

"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams"


Petroglyph FF Admin.

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1.music really rocks and it fits great - hope it will feature THX certified soundtraks and 7.1 audio (i know i did`t buy those gigaworks s750 for nothing).


2.inteface looks very very good I like it !


3.space battles look natural very cinematic but i am a little worried about the camera some default camera should be set also for ground battles


4.lightsaber battles are excelent


5.like the way storm trooper regimets are grouped togeter hope they will gain experience i hate to have to use them cannon meat,something should be done to make you save them even if you can spare whole legions it would add to the emotional part ,attaching you and your units


6.space ship models look very good and ships hovering overplanets look good.


7.being able to target parts of the enemy ship is really cool and realistic but it could get difficult when you attack too many ships some pause would be welcomed.

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Good ideea Ismael !



:arrow: Personally I will like to congratulate the 3D modeling team :) especially for the space ships. In the land battles the recording created some strange out of real scale effects :?



:arrow: Yes the music was great ! Yaaaaaaayyyyy Frank ! Your preferate SW trak is mine also. In rebellion they used it only for the credits. BTW I love the ideea of short intermixing of different traks depending on the situation. Great programming Mike ! Frank make sure you do something about the TIE stealthy calm voices :)



:arrow: Despite all they are sayng about Vaders walk I say that it is the realistic one for that period. Vader didn't mind about small beeings or enemy fire. He had the best armor and shields in the galaxy , no ?! Great job on that.



:arrow: ...I'm not sure if what Ismael is sayng is right but if the fog of war is behind the planet were the sensor cannot go ... it's a great reallity ideea.



:arrow: Who was the one who played in the IGN/Gamespot recordings ?! Damn he was fast ! I love to challenge him to an EAW multyplayer in the future.


:arrow: Excelent job ! The performance was abouve my pre-beta expectations. The rest of my opinions can be found also in the other posts abouve.

- The Trivium Organization - Community Manager -

- Petroglyph Fan Forums - CoAdmin & Human Resources Manager -

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Good job with making the game


:arrow: Love the music track playing in the background, makes it more star warsy :)


:arrow: I like how the ships end their hyperspace jump into the sector (The one with about 8 Star Destroyers) They then fight with the Rebels and then Deathstar comes in and blows up the planet.


:arrow: Nice destruction effect of the Star Destroyer falling to pieces slowly, adds to how destructive star wars battles are :)


:arrow: That Rancor in one of the E3 videos adds to that Star Wars effect of random animal attacks that could change the tide of the war lol. Always got to be prepared lol.


:arrow: Vader might be strong but if something is attacking him he usually deals with the problem by destroying it quickly but thats from what I seen.


:arrow: I like how everything looks real (Well most of the stuff) It looks like a real living world. The Star Destroyer looks fierce, it made me shake in my boots and would to the Rebels who had no choice but to attack them.

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