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EAW Feedback - 001 - Event E3

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EAW Feedback - Petroglyph Fan Forums


I. At the start of the week, as Ismael informed me, the Petro team will be back at work in Las Vegas. We decided to prepare for them a feedback document that will summarize all that can be said after seeing the demos at E3.


II. The game looks "jaw dropping" there are no words to express the joy that it has given to all of us. That is why we will try to avoid thinking to positive and start to see what needs to be done to help bring the game true Petroglyph and LEC, close to perfection.



Feedback 001


1. It should be considered that all the voices should be recorded again. Their quality is excellent but their moment feeling is zero. They all look to static. More action must be pumped in the voices. The same phrase should be recorded in 3 variants:


- When the battle situation is favorable : joy, excitement and satisfaction must be heard in the voice.


- When the battle is undecided or has equal chances : dedication, courage and will to fight must transpire true the voice


- When the battle is lost or not favorable : fear, horror and last ditch efforts must show in the pilot soldier or menu officer's voice.


NOTE. This 3 recordings of the same voice will definitely add more magic to the battle.


Also some technical interference or even other voices must be heard when some soldier speaks.


An additional bonus will be when a battle is on to hear the soldiers or pilots chatter and excitement.


This problem has also existed in Episode I, and some space battles shots had been recorded twice due to the voices calm expression and lack of excitement.


NOTE- The game music is excellent above all expectations.


2. The space battle looks excellent but we have seen some TIE bombers fly true the hull of the "Home One" Mon Calamari Cruiser. TIEs and fighters should avoid collisions with ships at any costs even if this means loosing the formation and rejoining after. Fighter collisions are not so noticeable and don't show up in the eye of a player who zooms close to ships to admire the action.


Also zooming next to a ship when it explodes or takes torpedo hits on his hull, should shake the desktop screen. Zooming next to engines should do the same.


The sound must be variable. If you zoom next to a TIE you hear more the TIE if you zoom near to an engine you hear more the engine. The torpedo view must also be enabled for a greater cinematic feeling. This could be in the game and we missed to see them properly.


3. The Death Star is awesome but it seems to close to the planet when it explodes. It is extremely unnatural from the physics point of view. The distance should be increased if it is possible.


4. The transporter shuttles and ships deploy materials too fast. It has to take some seconds for the tanks to come out of the ship.


5. The in battle menus layout is excellent but the troop icons and some textures can be perfected. They look to old and simple. They need a little more "cool" insertion in them.


6. The jedi are cool but they could also jump, doge, and throw stuff around. They also need to doge more some shots by being extremely fast.


7. Troops should consider running away from a Jedi or tank and then turn back and open fire. The ability to doge fire should also be in.


The 001 is open to new comments and will be sent Sunday. Pls. comment.

- The Trivium Organization - Community Manager -

- Petroglyph Fan Forums - CoAdmin & Human Resources Manager -

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Well from my opinion


1) Troops looked very basic

2) Vader wasn't scared of Rebel troops and Vader didn't care what was shooting at him.

3) Ties going through a Calimari ship

4) I think I saw weather on that Tatooine map or must have been fog of war or something like that. If it weather could it be fixed up to look like weather. If its fog of war its good.

5) Ya I found the troopers voices very unwanting, would be nice if they actually acted like they're answering to your command.


6) fix up the ship sizes like the transports for the vehicle its carrying.


Games get boring after awhile and I just want enough features for it to last a long time :)

Hmm I see my feedback is like cains feedback. i'll be back and edit.



Well i'm just waiting for it to pop up in the stores shelves then try it out. Creating an Empire and have a couple bases and from one video I saw villagers running around. I'm guessing this game will have civilians to make the game more lively ? Very sweet if thats true.


I can see it now, a living Empire on Courasant with people walking around and cheering and booing my army lol.

ok into feedback: Could they help us or go against us in battle , in their free will, to change the outcome of the battle. Would be interesting to see what happens.

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I have just managed to see the recordings. WOWWWWWWWWWWW they are extremly wonderful.


Now that I look at Cain's feedback I also think I have the same feedback. One thing I will like to see as a force power is Vader pushing and turning upside down an rebel light tank or even make them colide into each other an explode.


Some thanks with catapilers move to fast. Almost like the hover ones. It is my eye or some small scale/size issues must still be worked on ? Maybe increase the size of the vehicles ? The maps seems large enough.


In the space batte I have seen an error in my opinion. The Calamaris lasers target a point in space before the TIE and all the burst is going directly there to that spot for a long time and also after the TIE has passed the spot. It should actually follow the TIE movement and spread the fire a little bit. I think even today Ship AA defences folow with theyr weapon fire burst the enemy flying object.


Voices ? yes same impression here too.


Is not the shuttle to small for 4 thanks ?! and can it land right in the middle of your base ?! :?


Thats all I can think of, but I will trun back to edit in a day or two.

"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams"


Petroglyph FF Admin.

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Although the space units look great,I can't say the same about the ground ones.I think they are less detailed.I mean I don't care about graphics,but it bothered me.

The Death Star was too close to the planet when it fired.The blast in the end went right through the ship.This is my biggest complaint.

The ships were deployed a bit too fast.

Darth Vader doesn't block or dodge any hits.It's like he's invincible.I know he is strong,but let's be resonable.That Force Push he uses doesn't affect the vehicles.I don't want him to move a Sandcrawler,but the smaller ones could be pushed around a bit.Also,the moves the Jedis execute aren't very......well,artistic.They should have a few more moves,al least when they are fighting lightsaber-wielding enemies.

I haven't noticed any collision regarding the ships.But I will say something if I do.

The voices were a bit too calm but it's not that bad.

That is abut all I can think of.Looks great even with all the small problems :D

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1.the voices really don`t fit even Darth Vader`s - where the movie voice acting ???


2.the lines highlighting the selected unit is bothering especialy with tie fithers it should be eliminated somehow best by grouping tie fighter into sqadorns and giving orders to sqadrons it will realy be awful when you have hundreds of them it would really ruin the great view


3.Darth Vader`s walk is incredibly unnatural something must be done why couldn`t he at least use some mental powers to create a shield in front of him(or use mental powers to throw things around,some developing abilities for jedi`s are espected i think i saw one but not really sure thow) seeing him take so many hits and still walking so slowly is incredibly funny


4.maps are way to small there rally no room to manuver nor to hide or plan a little ambush mine laying etc. it would be nice to see bigger maps in which you can surround the city something like stonghold lay siege etc. would really add to the fealling


5.the death star look way to small compared to the imperial star destroyer`s what will happen when you have 5 super star destroys they will be almost as big as an death star ????


6.the death star destroying the planet look very bad the death star is way to close to the plane way to close the blast even touches the death star an it doesn`t even bounce of it ,really it should have a shield or something at least or is the death star kamikaze


7. the explosions could use some more tunning, especialy with the death star after destroying a planet where`s the debry??? what`s left of it? it doesn`t really feel that great like a once in a life time thing .it should be more like a nuclear blast : the fatal hit then a moment o silence and then the fireworks


8.the ground camera is kind of dizzy a default camera should be set,and also you should be able to lock it into place most 3d rts suffer a great lot from camera movemnt


9.i saw no ship ranking in the interface which kind of bad crew that man a ship should gather experience and become elite units otherwise where is the fun of winning 10 battles in a row if you troops gain no experience plus it ain`t realistic

- The Trivium Organization - Community Manager -

- Petroglyph Fan Forums - CoAdmin & Human Resources Manager -

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I don't like the fact that Infrantry can be big as a At-St or those tanks in the Tat video. Lord vader was bigger than one.


Im hoping Kaut, thyferra, ande other major planets from the EU will be in. Kaut was the planet that star destroyers came from. Thyferra was a major supplier of bacta. Carida was a major imperial training faciltity. Fondor was another major shipyard planet. Vjun was the planet that vader had a castle on.


I hope to see thrawn, dalla, piet, boba fett, ackbar, tarkin, and other major characters.


Also i hope there just isnt a victory star destroyer and imperial star destroyer. There were class IIs of them two.


I enjoy the graphics and that you can use stragety like attking

system of a mon cal.

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I think that there is a problem with the proportions aswell. The Death Star seems to be very small compared with the ISDs amd other ships.
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im glad i copied and pasted this, saved me alot of typing ;)

i just posted this in 002 *by accident*



well anyways, all of you covered its down sides pretty well, one thing i do want to mention though.


how is it a Tie fighter can last so long vs a mon calamari cruiser laser cannons, the tie's should be really weak, seeing as they have no shields -.-


watch the e3 video and you will see what i mean, the tie bomber+tie figher+ISD vs the lone mon cal.



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