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Be a true fan - Petroglyph is working hard for E3


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Many of you may know that all the Petroglyph team is working day and night to transform the EaW alpha or beta version in a solid presentable version for the E3 Game Show. The E3 is actually the most important game show of a year were all the game press critics see the game and feedback it to the public.


Now we know that the team is having a hard time investing so much effort and going in all the possible EaW details to make the game perfect. Cause of the marketing issues they cant be open and reply here to all our questions not to mention that they are really busy now...


So if you guys have any words, nice words of support to help the team work better and find more strength to finish the huge amount of tasks pls. post your thoughts.


We want them to do a great game so they need to feel also our support not only to read our same old questions, requests and complaints.


Fans can always help any team with nice words !


You can post them here or on the Official Forums.

- The Trivium Organization - Community Manager -

- Petroglyph Fan Forums - CoAdmin & Human Resources Manager -

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Cain I could have posted there but I did the error when writteing my age and now it sais "Children can't post in this forums" :? I will let you handle that forums and I will writte here:



To my dear firend Mike and to his great team Petroglyph,


Mike always spoke with high apreciation and nice words about you Petroglyph people. He was the one who maked me dream about beeing a Petroglyph member and he is the one who keeps me posted about your progress. I know you can makeit and you will be the best RTS game at E3. Me and Cain are tryng to educate the rest of the fans to really understand what is Petroglyp and how they should see Petroglyph. This is how we feel that we are working for EaW. As mum always sais when I'm upset with Abdul :


If you like (love) someone always try to help him more than you usualy will like to do and also do not put your own interests before what your sense of justice is sayng.


It's the best translation I can make :)


Keep up the good work !

"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams"


Petroglyph FF Admin.

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