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The Best EaW Screenshots (*Full Display)


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Scale scale, from what i see in these pictures, the Nebulon Frigates are almost at he same size than the Mon Cals. The big Starships like the Imperators and Mon Cals should give us the sense of dawrfing the little ones like on Ep 4 where we see a huge Imperator chasing an insignificant Blockade Runner, or like Ep 5 when we see the glorius Executor dwarfing the almost insignificant Imperators.
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Um, if you didn't notice every ship is on a different plane giving it that illusion. :roll:

For any of you that have an old, dusty, JK:JA CD lying around your house, you might want to check this out: www.moviebattles.com


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I kinda understand if they wanna make fighters a bit bigger, if only to make them out during combat. but i feel that could be achieved with that simbol of the figher group, then if u like, u can zoom in on teh combat action plane, and watch the fighters go on runs. but capital ships should be scaled correctly. Those weren't camera angle issues, tnose nebs are way to big. they're only 300m long. mon cal's are 1200m long. Still really good lookin, dont get me wrong. but some sort of scale would b nice

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I agree we must get the "look at the size of that thing" kinda feeling. The nebs are correctely scaled they should push the Mon Cals a little bit further as well as the Imperators.


As for fighters if they do become small for us to see at long distances perhaps there could be some hilights but i think it won't be necessary.

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I kinda like it the way it is since I care more for the gameplay then the size of things at the moment. If things are about the size they should be its all good. Maybe we should have classical (which is in game) and realistic option were everybody could be happy :P


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well it has till spring 2006 to get fixed up so you might get your with then. I always keep saying that since anything can happen since maybe a suprise might knock you out of your chair. :roll:
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well official site and E3 and other people now are saying 2006 since the game is finished but they want it to be perfectly polished since the reputation of Star Wars RTS was horrible from what people said. They're trying to make this the best they can.


Obiously you might now most of what i'm saying or might not who knows. lol. Well either way it'll be nice just some people bashin the game.

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Miscomunication somewhere ? Well I dont know i'm going with the flow but I keep on hearing different things I dont know what to believe anymore so I just keep on going with what i've been told, 2006.
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