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I go through several processes. I name all my dreadnauts after elements (hydrogen, helium, etc). All of my carrack cruisers are named after weather/earth phenomenon (lightning, earthquake, tsunami, etc). My corvettes are all named Tantive, and then a number.


I also use famous last names (Bismark, Castro, Washington, etc) and other names that make sense for each side. I also borrow names of ships that I know from the trilogy and the EU, like the Executer, Chimera, Emancipator, Devastator, etc.

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Geek that I am this is one of the parts I like about Rebellion and I tend to follow the established convention of naming my ships to reflect political ideologies. So the rebels tend to be things like Liberty, Independence, Valley Forge, Hope, Freedom, etc. This is my Imp ship list:


Dreadnaught: Hyperion, Titan, Gnisnal


Escort Carrier: Bulwark, Companion, Gendarme, Scutate


Star Destroyer: Adamant, Admonitor, Allegiant, Apartheid, Ascendant, Bellicose, Castigator, Cavalier, Chimera, Conquest, Dominant, Fury, Glory, Harbinger, Imperator, Inflexible, Majestic, Malice, Miasma, Nihilist, Pontus, Subjugation, Tyranny, Verloren,


Interdictor Cruiser: Compellor, Grappler, Red Claw, Strangler, Detainer, Possessor, Comptroller, Suppressor


Super Star Destroyer: Executor, Terror, Vengeance, Vae, Hegemony, Sovereign


Victory Star Destroyer: Enforcer, Inexorable, Seriatim, Vindicator, Ukase, Punishment, Mandate


Carrack Cruiser/Lancer Frigate : Dagger, Stiletto, Blade, Dirk, Shank, Misericord, Poniard, Anlace, Expeditious, Vanguard, Assagai, Cohort, Ravager, Destroyer, Devastator, Spoiler, Annihilator, Consumer, Abolisher, Devourer, Havoc, Pillager, Raider, Scourge, Wrecker, Trampler


Galleon: Numerical Designation (GA-001, SGA-101, etc.)


P.S. The gamefaqs ship comparison charts also provide a good list of names.

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lol- my naming varies from game to game. I've had games where I construct fleets on the basis of making a sentence out of the ship names, something like, "Holy mother of God, I have way too much time on my hands." A Death Star acts as the period- then I know that I have too much time on my hands.


I usually name for the EU, but I've been known to name ships to lyrics of songs- I did "My Country Tis of Thee" in Latin on one of my fleets. (Te canno patria, candida libera, vox resonet...)


Invariably, when I play a hard game as the Rebels and construct my first Mon Cal cruiser to take on the horde of weak Imp ships that are blasting about I name it "The Turn of the Tide." I like the pun, what can I say?


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