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Hey all,


As there seems to be a renewed interest in Rebellion2 development on a number of fronts with:


Terra Reconstructed by Moribundus - possibly the most senior active project so far

SWRebellion2 by DavidAdas - New project and advancing rapidly it would seem!

In Defence of the Empire by NordWindRanger - Now on hold IIRC. Not directly a Rebellion style but I think it counts due to interest

Rebellion 2008: A New Source by Slocket. (Advanced project but new to this list!)


Insurrection by me. - Possibly the least ambitious and yet, somehow, the least likely to ever be complete :roll:


A good way to drive ourselves is to involve people (like loosing weight or getting fit. Tell someone you are doing it and keep them updated and you are more likely to succeed) which seems to be happening already. The community here is already giving good comments etc in the threads here, but I thought that maybe we should have a special thread dedicated to showing updates to these (and any other) projects? It may also make it easier for people to join/contribute to them.


If you like the idea, post your updates here as a one stop shop for all to see/help/comment on/laugh at/what ever. Even trivial small updates. If there are any projects I have missed or that start up, post a link and explenation in this thread or let me know and I can edit the first post.


What do ya think?

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To be fair, I have actually bothered to write up some of my activities on "Insurrection". Rather then start a new blog or anything, I am using an existing one of mine. The posts related to this are:


What my game is about

Introduction/How not to build a game

Day one - two steps forwards, one step back

Day two, Loading and Saving


There may be something of interest to someone in there!

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You may have missed this one hiding over in the Editing section. I am about 33% finished. I am doing this rather solo since my coding skills for graphics were/are a bit rusty, but I am "staying on target....almost there"... 8) Star Wars Deathstar trench run.


Rebellion 2008: A New Source



New 3D Tactical Battle Engine.



Updated high resolution screens, and using some the old retro graphics for effect.

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Well, advancing rapidly for one person anyway :P I reads up the characters and planetary info and has a fancy display and music, but a lot more to do still. Especially once we hit the 3D parts. That's gonna get rough, but with a bunch of new guys on board, this might not be so bad!!


And we're always looking for help too! I wish everyone the best of luck though and hope that we can get something for the community before too awful long.

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From my little corner of the universe. My first badly made YouTube movie!! :lol:



YouTube free 30 second movie. the resolution is way terrible, but I hope it can give a flavor of the Turbo laser and Ion firing. The real resolution is much better but that AVI is 158 megs.


The stars and stuff cannot be seen due to free website size limitation. (Low res). <5 meg movie , so alot of video is lost, but the sound is is there.

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Good job! Keep up the good work! :D
Finally, after years of hard work I am the Supreme Sith Warlord! Muwhahahaha!! What?? What do you mean "there's only two of us"?
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