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Hi there, I had to leave work today because I was sick. When I got home I did some digging in old boxes and found my copy of Rebellion. I promptly installed it and it has helped me to pass time today greatly. I will probably be out again tomorrow so I will spend my time playing the game. Anyway I used to have some edit that allowed me to build capital ships (and the mighty Death Star) for a mere 1 maintenance point. However in searching the net for this edit today I was unable to locate it.


Does this sound familiar to anyone? Can you help out a sick Rebellion noob? Bear in mind I am not very good with computers so I don't understand any lingo and would need an idiots instruction guide, but any help would be much appreciated.



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install it into your Rebellion directory. the readme is very detailed and the program is very easy to use.


I am glad you are still playing the oldy but goody game, and welcome to the forums pta391! :mrgreen:


I wished EAW had the "in depth" strategy that Rebellion had. If only those two game could be combined.


Empire at War certainly has the cool graphics, but the strategy is not there and is boring. But I digress.

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I didn't want to start up a new topic, so Im highjacking this one.


I finally found my Rebellion CD, so Im set to go. But its been so long, I forgot how to initiate RebEd!!! I have all the files and stuff, but I just forgot how to start up a game with RebEd. Does anyone know a link to where I can find directions?




I still had the files. I remember I had to initiate the game through the RebEd program, so I clicked on it, and an error message comes up saying:


"VCL30.dpl Can't load library"



Double Edit:


I just deleted and re-installed RebEd. Its now working perfectly!!!

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I can't launch RebEd it is looking for vcl30.dpl but I don't have it. I can't find it online, just vcl40 or 50. Will they work or can somebody send me 30?


EDIT: Nevermind. I guess the RebEd in the refresh package is just a GUI? :? Downloaded RebEd separately and installed it and then the refresh unpacked launcher worked fine.

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