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I would like to make a Total Conversion of SWR into a Kotor era equivalent but I can't model so I wanted to know if anyone was inetreted in helping me. Anyway her are the ideas I have had so far:

Rebel Alliance-> Sith Empire

HQ-> Star Forge


Mon Mothma-> Darth Malak(can train Jedis)

Luke Skywalker-> Darth Traya/Kreia(goes in exile to replace luke's training on dagobah)(can train Jedis)

Leia->Darth Nihilus

Han->Darth Sion

CHaracters: Saul Karath, Darth Bandon, Calo Nord,Hanraar,Colonel Tobin,General Vaklu,...

SpecForce: Sith Assasins, HK-50,

Troops: Sith Soldiers (silver ones), Sith Elite Soldiers (Red Ones), Star Forge Droids, Dark Jedis

Fighters: Sith Fighters MkI, Sith Fighters Mk2

Capital Ships: Sith Interdictor (cith gravity well projectors),Ravager Class vessel, Sith transport as seen in the Sith Base on Taris,...

Empire->Old Republic

Emperor-> Revan(can train Jedis)

Vader-> Exile(can train Jedis)

Or Emperor-> Supreme Chancelor

Vader-> Vandar

Characters: Bastila,Carth Onasi,HK-47,T3-M4,Juhani,Jolee Bindo,Mission,Zaalbar,Canderous/Mandalore,Atton Rand, Bao-Dur(research specialist),Mira,Visas Marr,Mical the Disciple,Briana the Handmaiden,Zez-Kai Ell,KAvar,Vrook Lamar, Atris,Lonna Vash,Queen Talia,Admiral Forn Dodona,G0-T0,(vandar and suprem chancellor or revan and exile)....

SpecForces:Jedi Strike Team

Troops: Republic Troopers,War Droids( as Seen on Dxun) Local defense f=orces (to represent TSF,Dantooine militia,Onderon military)

Fighters:Republic assault fighter,Aurek MKI and MKII,...

Capital Ships:HammerHead Class Vessel, Republic gunboat,Dodona's command Vessel, Republic Transport(same as sith)

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