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(From recent in game experience) HALONET NEWS REPORT!


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************ HALONET NEWS *****************

*********** BREAKING REPORT ****************


In recent days we have presented to you the activities occurring in the Sluis System. The populations of Bpfassh and Mon Calamari had recently petitioned the Empire. They overwhelming wish to join the Empire and restore much needed law, order, and security to their home worlds. Recent Rebel activity in the system has caused much chaos and disorder. The loyal patriots of Bpfassh and Mon Calamari have suffered greatly under the doctrines of the Rebel Alliance. In response, the Emperor himself dispatched a small convoy filled with medical and humanitarian supplies to aid in the recovery of both Bpfassh and Mon Calamari, who have suffered plundering at the hands of the Rebels.


Once the small Imperial Humanitarian Convoy arrived at Bpfassh they discovered an entrenched Rebel presence on the planet. Obviously the Rebel Alliance was gripping this helpless system in its iron fist of tyrannical control and disorder. It is widely known that the Rebel Alliance is jealous of the freedoms, luxuries, and security the Empire provides. The Imperial fleet working on behest of the Bpfassh Planetary Government contacted Rebel forces and asked for a meeting to discuss a peaceful withdraw of Alliance forces and that the Alliance allow the planet to follow the wishes of the Bpfassh Government and join the Empire. The Rebel’s response was typical of their ever increasing hatred of the Empire. The war mongering Rebel Alliance attacked the Imperial Humanitarian Convoy with ground-based starfighters. Several squadrons of starfighters were destroyed in the confrontation. The hearts of this news station, the population of the Empire, and those who bravely served in the military forces, goes out to those who lost their lives at the hands of the dangerous and illegal Rebel Terrorists.


Communications continued with entrenched Rebel Ground Forces. The Alliance kept delaying their withdraw times citing problems with transportation vessels and refusal to allow Imperial transports to relocate the troops to another Alliance location. This was obviously a plot by the evil Rebel Alliance to delay the matter until their Assault Fleet could arrive at Bpfassh. A few days later the Rebel Alliance again provoked hostilities by the arrival of the Grand Attack Fleet. Three (3) “Liberator” Cruisers, a type of heavy assault attack cruiser, and a Correllian Corvette, often used as a Rebel Blockade Runner came out of Hyperspace at the planet of Bpfassh. The Imperial Humanitarian Convoy tried to open communications with the Attack Force and ask them to stand down. The population of Bpfassh have clearly indicated their wishs to join the Empire and there was no need for more hostilities. The evil and vengeful Rebel Alliance’s response was to release their Eighteen (18) squadrons of starfighters who immediately attacked the Imperial Humanitarian Convoy. The Imperial Humanitarian Convoy was forced into another battle with Rebel Forces. Consisting of an Interdictor Cruiser, used as a support vehicle they aid the stability of gravitational forces with capital ships engaging in maneuvers close to large gravity fields produced by planetary bodies, a Strike Cruiser, used in this convoy as a command and communication vessel, three (3) Lancer Frigates, used to protect Imperial convoys from guerilla attacks by Rebel Heavy Attack Starfighter squadrons, and 8 Heavy Transports, equipped with upgraded armor, shields, and weapons to defend Imperial regiments from the ever increasing aggressive Rebel attacks. The Imperial Humanitarian Convoy was heavily damaged in the confrontation and the Rebel Alliance Heavy Attack Cruisers and the Corvette were destroyed after refusal to surrender and attempted ramming of Imperial vessels. It is clear the Rebel Alliance has no regard for sentient life, even of those misguided souls who serve in their ranks.


Reporting from a non-disclosed location in the Dufilvan Sector on a diplomatic mission, The Emperor stated “this is evidence of the increased threat the Empire is facing. The evil doers of the Rebel Alliance will stop at nothing to destroy the Empire. It is important that the citizens of the Empire continue their patriotic support and remain diligent in the protection of their freedoms, and securities against terrorists who will cause us harm. In response to the “War in the Core” the Emperor dispatched orders to blockade all Rebel Terrorist Alliance held worlds in the Sluis System. This will provide the protection the populations of the planets need and deprive the Alliance of the ability to plunder these planets’ resources. The oppression of these peoples by the Rebel Alliance is a fact the Empire can no longer ignore. We must work diligently to bring freedom, liberty, and security to the Galactic Core. Those who are not with use one hundred percent (100%), are against us and part of the Axis of Evil.”


In response the citizens of the Empire have begun to petition their region governors to support the Defense Globe project. This project aims to build a space station as large as a small moon. This space station would be capable of carrying vast amounts of reconstruction supplies and manpower to planets who have suffered terrible devastation at the hands of the Rebel Terrorist Alliance.


In other news-

Grand Admiral Thrawn, who has been working in the Churba Sector with Darth Vader on colonization and diplomatic missions, reported the Empire has imprisoned one of the key Rebel Terrorists, Lando Calrissian. Calrissian is a fanatic of the Rebel Terrorist Doctrine and has taken a leadership role after the recent imprisonment of Rebel Terrorist Alliance leaders, Mon Mothma, Luke Skywalker, and Princess Leia.

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