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Alternate Prequel Movies


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So a while back I was remembering this old thread and some of the things suggested in it.

What/who would you have changed in the Prequels?

Well I was bored at work and have since started coming up with more

detailed plans. (Until this past week working on it had not affected NSO posting. :oops: )


Episode I


The majority of the episode is planned out with some notes on conversation between characters for most major scenes except for those on Coruscant of involving the Jedi Counsel. Concept story boards drawn for the first 15-20%



Episode II


Only the most rudimentary planning done so far though I have a rough plan of the few major battles toward the end. Spoiler:Grevious Dies, Anakin loses a hand, Some of the Spartii cylinders that are sent to the Emperor's storehouse are secured

End of the Clone Wars.



Episode III


Major events planned out but much of those in between still need to be made up. Rise of the Empire, fall of the Jedi, Anakin's final transformation into Darth Vader. Anakin never finds out Pademe is pregnant. Spoiler: Just wrote the fight in which Mace Windu dies.


EDIT: Anyways, if there's anything specific that people want to happen ore show up just post here or necropost in the old thread. Can't promise it'll happen but I'll keep it in mind.

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Well I guess that I´m not the only one who allways thought, when hearing about the clone-wars in the OT, that it was a war against an army of clones. When people heard that the title of Episode II would be "Attack of the clones", many thought that they are the bad guys who attacked the old republic and they had to fight them back. It was also told about Boba Fett that he belonged to a kind of warriors who fought the jedi in the clone-wars era. So my idea was allways about that that in Episode I would have the beginning of the clone-wars in it, which are led by some evil guys. Maybe even led by some Sith. Anakin would be in that age he was in Episode II and was a star-fighter pilot and hasn´t been touched by the dark side yet.


In Episode II there would be some epic battles against the clones and/or mandalores or whoever was allied with them. And Anakin starts to turn to the dark side and begins hunting down the jedis, which aren´t that much people like allways shown in the prequells. While all this happens, chancellor Palpatine does what he is really doing in Episode II. Building up his own powers which will result in the rise of the Empire in Episode III, where the remaining Jedi have to flee of Darth Vader and world by world will be succumbed. So all in all a very dark tone for all three episodes.


Vaders heavy injuries would have been the result of a crash he had with his star-fighter and not because of a duell with a jedi on a vulcano-planet. I allways questioned why Vader needed a respirator just because his skin was burned.

Who cares at all?! :roll:
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Long before I knew that Vader wore the suit because of his loss to Kenobi, I had my own theory on his predicament. I thought he wore the respirator, mask, etc. because he had been in so many vicious battles over the years from killing off the Jedi and each of them had all taken a toll on him physically.




"Life is hard. After all, it kills you." - Katharine Hepburn

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