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I downloaded some free stuff from 3dds max or something but I cant even get the thing tyo start drwing or make anything so I downloaded Milkshape and Im working on very basic shape, real basic. Will that work to convert to the game?


Also what is renedering?, thanks any help is great.

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Hello all,


well Ive been fartin around w/ making a model and I finaly got it from Milkshape to another program! I got it as a.obj file imported it to Blender and even got it rendered, exported it as a.x file but it wont appear in the game, it's invisiable, or maybe Ive made the first cloaked ship! Ha!


but I dont wanna cloaked ship!!!


So I dont know where to go from here, If someone has blender I could send you the file as a .x or .obj and maybe you can tell me what to do from that.


Basically it's real basic just sqaures added together, no rounded or slant type features. I dont know how to do that in Milkshape if I could, in Blender or even how to get 3ds max to funtion fo a sec'


thanks again

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Well, I couldnt manage to download any of the modeling program w/out all kinds of little error probs, so I began working again in Milkshape, I do know how to get it out and get it in Blender as a.x or a .obj file, but I dont have the program to do texturing.


So I decide to do a Galactica, it's real basic in some area's and better in others, is what it is. If any body has Blender I'll email it to ya if you think you can do anything w/ it.


Please help, the learning process here is maddening! Ha!

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Well I cant seem to get any further and my files are now doing strange things.


I see many pass by and look but no advice.


The tutorial was helpful, which I tried in the first place, but when I thought I had Gmax it wasnt just some ohter japanese company that had 3ds formatting, so it was nothing like the tutorial, when I tried to get Gmax, it would never finish installing, especially after all the joining of sites.


So I used milkshape, and tried to do more in blender w/ the model, but nothing, so I then tried in Lith but buttons dont work or it's a completelty different version than Mask explains, I get it into paint shop, then cant get it back in. Plus the model always seems to be set vertical in Lith, What the hell is that? On steps 1 and then when you take the painted file back in the buttons dont match at all (like from the tut')

So thats that, Ive spent more time than I need.

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I see you all looking man! I'm up to 100 and somthing veiws and even still noone has the guts to say anything, how about a "Dude Your Screwed" or "Forget it Cheif you aint no modeler!" even no "let me see what I can do" Ok maybe I dont deserve nothing from any of ya, I can dig that, learn on my own eh? Hopefully someone's that nice when you break down on the highway, yea, you know what I'm talkin about dont ya?


LOL, any way, "Uh,OH! watch out Datrh Ominous is having a melt down!"

Well You know what I hate Computers! if it wasnt for Star Wars and WW 2 Flight sim's I'd be out riding my Harley or chopping wood up north or whatever, But I cant because it's the winter and this is what I do this time of year, besides, Rebellion is fun when it's crappy out side. so I just ask for a little more direction, because this $hi! is like French!


So tommorow, After you all had a good laugh, which I hope (Ya Cranks) I'll be watching to see how much more the veiws go up w/ out a simple reply to help, curse or condemn me kinda reply.


Well now that I have your attention, what shall we talk about? Oh I'm sorry I mean me and you just gotta listen! HAHAHAHAHA!

Well actually I'm a couple of beers in so I dont want to get started on that rant! Ha!


I by no means expect to be a good modeler or even come close to the great modeling I saw in Relaoded! Which I said before was awesome. I just want to do my own, dont ya get it, the idea to build your own wether it's physical or by means or a virtual world? Hmm?

Well Cheers caues I saw what a weekend w/out beer got me, (working on model all weekend) So I beleive I'll have another Bunch of coldies!



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Hello all, I'm back! Ha!


Well after all that failure I just went back to playing the game, and enjoyed myself immensly. After my spirit was back up I went back in and started lightly playing w/ how to get my model in the game.


When I was looking for help before and I couldnt get it I felt like I was down here trying to get your attention and you guys were just up there in your starships waiting to see if I could get her off the ground!


Well I got news for anyone who either cant download gmax, use gmax or whatever the case may be. You can use Milkshape which for me was much easier to get going than whatever it was that I did have. Afterthat you can use the new lithunwrap to save it as your .x text document.


I found out that you can import a .3ds file from Milkshape into lithunwrap, from there if you can figure out how to do a texture, which I still had problems w/. (my model seems to have it in the file though I cant see it in the game).

But most importantly I found out that if you do a save you can convert it into a .x file.


That will at least get your ship in the game. I know how to use the bmp converter but no matter what I did I couldnt get the conv3ds to work! so luckily LithUnwrap's worked, because as I exported or saved in Milkshape or Blender the .x file ws never quite right, cause I never saw it in the game.


So remember dont export outta Lith' just save and scroll sown to .x and it will convert it for ya.


I gotta take off for up north so it will be a couple of days before I can link up my Battlestar if anyone should so choose to use it, or maybe texture it, be my guest.


Why a Battlestar? well I love Star Wars firstly but loved the show as a kid, so w/ everyone already covering all the Star Wars ships one could want to see improved, I figured start w/ that.


I made her a bit big, say like 25% more than a Star Destroyer, I thought as a last rebellion ship tech it made sense, Caprica has joined the alliance and just produced their biggest baddest ship yet, The BattleStar!


It's definetly real basic and realy needs a texture or a paint job or something.


Hey if anyone knows the dimensions of what it realy should be let me know, cheers and be back in a day or two.


D. O.

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