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Hi there,


I´ve got a kind of "cheating-problem" and now I need your help.

The Story:


A friend of me and me were playing Rebellion. My friend had one planet with 6 Sullustan Regiment, 1 Alliance Army Regiments. I was in the Orbit of that planet with a Ship and about 7-8 sabotage characters. I sent my characters (with decoy) on sabotage Mission and they were successfull. My friend was really surprised about that. We just talked about that after we saved and quit the Game-Session for that evening. He said that the chance of success on that planet was rather low but I sabotaged 3 Sullustan regiments in one turn....pretty good. Too Good for my friend.

Next day. I was interested in some details of Research and Ships and activated Rebed. I didn´t save anything but I clicked on OK to get out of that window. I didn´t realized I changed anything.

Now the Problem begins.

We were just preparing for starting the old session when suddenly the Message appeard: the Data Files differ.

I thought Rebed might have changes domething although I didn´t want to.

Just a few clicks, I thought, new installation, don´t use Rebed to be sure.

But my friend got the clue I was cheating on him.

He thought I might have changed the Files during the Game.


And now the Question: Is it possible for me to cheat with Rebed ?

I think no, because the Game always realizes the different data files.

Can someone confirm this ? I think my friend wants to have a neutral opinion.

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Both players need to have the same data files. You would need to make the same edits to the game on both computers in order for it to work.


One way to do that is to simply copy the data files from one computer onto the other so it helps if you have a large flash drive for that.


So, no you couldn't cheat without having done something to the other computer first. Your friend just caught an unlucky break is all.

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It wouldn't work. The game needs to load the past data to start you up, and once that's happened, it wouldn't be able to convert over to new data. I mean, it probably is possible, but to do so would be pretty darned complicated, and would require you to be working on his computer at the same time as yours.


Nu kyr'adyc, shi taab'echaaj'la

Not gone, merely marching far away

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