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Hello again?


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I haven't been here for ages :)


I found some informations about 0.60 but there is no whey to get it. I was on chat room and I think that Peoples in there have died or samething - no responce :)


Another thing i was trying to get an account on warlords mod main page/forum - now im waiting and waiting and waiting..... for activation mail


Qestion - i have found some post where folks saying that they have Warlords with anti aliasing and other stuff - how and where?


I've got 0.50 can't see options like that, I was also in config file and found line about AF but nothing happens when Im turning this on?


Merry Christmas for everyone


Sorry for my language :)

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The Warlords site is sending out emails. May be yours is being filtered as spam. I've tried Yahoo and GMail and both send within seconds.


Latest version is always up, see instructions to download and install



I'm not sure about the graphical settings, but I believe if your video card supports higher options, they should appear within Homeworld 2 options. It is not a setting of Warlords specifically.


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I was on the main site and download all the files afcourse read the 'read me' file telling me thats a 0.6 but when im launching the game I see only 0.5 option in Player Vs CPU.


Another thing is Eclips i thought that it should be in 0.6 but i can't find this beautifull SSD. There is a film on Youtube showing Eclips in action - nice (especialy charging the super laser) - but no way to find it to download or something.


Last weekend I had a time to play "my version" of the new W-mod - lot of things have changed:


some for good like: bigger ship list, special effects, textures and look of some ships, new options in skirmish menu etc.


some (a litile) for bad:


way of fighters are flying is not smoth but sharp like their where to close and hit eachother and no differences when im changeing formation for agresive nothing happens in 0.45 fighters was chenging their positions.


problems with sound - when im playing the IMP's from time to time i hear the Twin Ion Engines from TIE's but there is no TIE in the hood. need to press PAUSE and sound of TIE is off


In 0.45 when I was strikeing on ship with shield i could see that the laseres or plasma hit some kind of fileld and when shields was down i could see some damage of ship smoking stuff and flames no in 0.60 I think that should be like this = first shots takeing out the shields but no explosions effects -> when the shield is down all the FX stuff on "dying" ship.


One of the most important no sound of Executor SSD engines!? :)


I know that this is an incomplete version so it needs a time to grow for the most incredible mod I ever paly. Kepp Up the Superb Work :)


Onceagain sorry for my english.

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