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Road Trip from Hell


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Yes, rather than go the "normal" or "easy" route of posting this in the Randomness thread, or claiming that it's art and sticking it in "You and Me and Art and Stuff," I've gone and created my own thread strictly for a video. Why? Because this thread isn't strictly for a video. It's for multiple videos; seven, in fact, in the series Road Trip from Hell, starring myself and some friends.


You may remember an earlier incarnation of this; we had to get a new actor for one role due to time (and his awful acting) issues. Thus, you now have the new-and-improved Road Trip from Hell, with better acting, a full script, puns that work for almost everything, and a whole new, never-before-seen recurring character!


I give you:

(That's not really the name, but I thought it ought to be. Please comment and rate it so that we can all feel like we're having an impact on the internet.)


Episodes two through seven will follow at irregular intervals, and no, the old episode two that I posted back in the Random Creative Writings thread will not be an episode in this new series of Road Trip- it was actually too random. That and Seven Eleven doesn't like us very much...


Nu kyr'adyc, shi taab'echaaj'la

Not gone, merely marching far away

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Nice job, Tofu. Very funny. Commented and rated!


Wow, you´ve got a very silent neighbourhood. Nobody on the road. I wish that would be also the case in mine. 8O:?


There will be seven episodes?? 8O


Just kidding. I´m watching out for other episodes. :)

Who cares at all?! :roll:
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Haha finally had time to watch that, given youtube is bloked at work


Nicely done, and I couldn't help feeling all the way through how you guys would fare in some form of Blair Witch Project woodland movie


The Witch Strikes Back?


A rather large woo Tofu geezer :)

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That was truly nice work Tofu. As I said on youtube, I loved the "worse than the time we copied Family Guy" scene, where you actually have the random flashback like the show would do. The camera work was excellent, in regards to nice freeze frames and the comedic fast-forward escape. I definitely look forward to the sequels.

Your feeble skills are no match for the power of the Dark Side!


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