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Just posting my experiences with the game.


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First of all, let me start by saying the changes I've seen so far are awesome. The feeling of taking place shortly after the Battle of Coruscant is awesome, and there are many faces I immediately recognized. However, there are a couple of bugs/flaws which I've already found within the first 24 hours of playing:


1) None of the planet names are changed. Wayland still appears as "Coruscant", Coruscant still appears as Yavin IV, etc. (Kashyyyk is in the Core Systems! Who knew? :P )


2) There are four Imps that have a 0% chance of being a jedi, yet only three Reps. I suggest removing Force probablity from an additional character for this purpose.


3) Eclipse Class Star Dreadnoughts, while fearsome, do NOT have the ability to destroy a planet. I know there are many fan arguments against such, but official canon clearly states that they are incapable of doing such. In its place, you could always use the Tarkin superlaser in its place.


4) Putting the ship stats in their respective encyclopedia entries would really help out; it's rather difficult to decide which ship to build when you can't check the stats at a glance.


Also, a final note that's really more nitpicking than something that actually needs to be changed: why are there five different MC models? What was wrong with the Dauntless and the Bulwark?

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1) seems to be a glitch..

2) Good idea

3) True - its really how close to canon we want to stick. Given the limitations of Rebellion editing, I would personally stick with the Eclipse. It's superlaser is enough to roast a planet and make it a wasteland. Good enough for gameplay. I think the Eclipse is just cooler than a Tarkin superlaser anyway :)

4) Good idea


In terms of the Bulwark and Dauntless, have you really seen them referenced in other materials? I really think few besides Rebellion players would know them


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Okay, after some playing around, I've found the problem with the planet names: it's only because of the TC Card; when I first run the setup but have yet to run the TC, the names are changed to the way that the mod suggests they should be. However, once I use RebEd to load the card, the sectors remain changed, but not the planets. So, it's a simple matter of running RebEd BEFORE running the .EXE file for Reloaded.


However, if you use the method mentioned above, all the encyclopedia entries will revert to their default values.



EDIT: I'm going to be going through the encyclopedia entries one by one; would you want me to proof read them, or would that be too nitpicky?

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I hope I'm not committing thread necromancy here, this thread being 2 months old, 'n' stuff... Anyway:


Also, a final note that's really more nitpicking than something that actually needs to be changed: why are there five different MC models? What was wrong with the Dauntless and the Bulwark?


I think they did the right thing. I find the Dauntless and the Bulwark hideously ugly, while those new MC look really spiffy. Wonderful job with the 3D models, I really love them!

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