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Are events (like Luke going off to Dagobah/getting captured etc.) linked to the character slots or to the character?


If they are linked to the slots, is there a way to disable this?


I'm working on a New Republic era mod and I'm switching the Empire and Rebellion's characters and such around so the New Republic has Coruscant as the capital and the Empire has wherever.


I just don't want to see that all of the sudden some Empire character in Luke's previous slot gets sent off to Dagobah, and then later ends up captured and has the final battle with Luke and Leia on Coruscant. Or one getting captured by Bounty Hunters thinking he's Han.


Any help is much appreciated. Thanks.

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The events major characters experience during the game are hard-coded in the game to the 'slot' as it were, so if you used RebEd to swap Luke and Han around Han would subsequently get Luke's events, and visa versa. All RebEd does is swap images, numbers used in gameplay, and the script. There is no way to change the 'major character' script of them being unkillable, for example. If you wanted to Han or Leia to be killable for example you would have to create a Leia image and script in a lesser character slot, where they would not have ingame events like Han being attacked by Bounty Hunters, or Leia meeting Vader or discovering her heritage, etc.
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Ok sadly this post is a month old, but a possible soluiton - not with rebed though - to disable the events could be changing the "family" pointer in the major character dat. you would need a HEX editor to do so. The family pointer is described in the following thread:




Some mechanics define classes about this sort of ID-numbers, so at least for Han and Leia changing that value to the one of minor characters (56 I think) could solve the event-problem - this would disable the "millenium falcon" effect as well though.


Now for Luke, changing the value could prove fatal as he is among the "victory conditions" of the standard game.


I'd say change Han's value, start a game and leave the character you used to replace him on a planet for 200 days, normal cases some bounty hunters would show up. Also, try a confirmed move of that character to another system and see if it still moves faster than other characters do.

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