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Just thought about that it would be nice to have a small chat with some of you. Though the community chat-room is often down ( not to mention that there never is anyone :roll: ) how about adding each other on some messengers? I know that some of you just did that. Would be nice to have some of you on my list.


Messengers which I have in use:


ICQ (often)

Xfire (sometimes)

skype (rarely)


Please Note:

For privacy reasons and to protect you from Spam, don´t post any nicknames or ICQ-Numbers in here! Believe me it won´t be a good idea at all. Write down which kind of messenger you have in use, so others may contact you per pm to exchange numbers and nicknames.


I guess you know how to pm. ;)

Who cares at all?! :roll:
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I use AIM (On my profile) G-mail talk, and Skype if a meeting is pre-arranged (I don't usually just log on to see who's about).


My name on Skype is the same as my forum name, my AIM and E-mail can be found through my profile I'm fairly certain.


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Seeing how most people use MSN, maybe I'll re-download it. I used it several years ago when my friends use to play poker over it, then it rotted away from not being used...

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Everybody uses MSN! :P


Wish I had time these days, instant messaging and work are simply incompatible, I'm to busy for such instantaneous communication, and to knackered when I get home to dare log on.. life was easier when I had a job I didn't find genuinely fascinating


half the time I was up a tree with a chainsaw, it must be said, making MSN somewhat irrelevant... :lol:

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Tried that once, didn't work out to good for me or the neighbours goldfish.


I generally use MSN, and use to Google Talk. GT was alright, nice and light weight .. but also lacking in some functionality. I still use it to send large files to friends or for voice talking. But, the lack of other functions and simply getting people to join it pulled me back to msn.


I used XFire when I got EaW ... yeah, no thanks. I think what threw me off it was the fact I had just installed EaW and had some random person starting to talk to me and then get pissed off because I didn't realise (I was ingame and only noticed once I quit and hour or three later, after which the guy thought I was ignoring him). Other than that, a single chatting program is all I need, any more is just waste.




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Yes, there is that bug which doesn´t let the message-window appear ingame sometimes. They allways update xfire and with the next update the bug is fixed, while with another update the messages won´t appear again. :?:evil:
Who cares at all?! :roll:
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I use MSN most of the time. I'm pretty much always on, even when I'm in class. There's even the odd time I leave it on while I'm sleeping. The e-mail address that I use is in my profile. Just be sure you'r nick is whatever you use on here, or at least attach a comment to let me know who you are (if MSN still lets you do that?).

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Last I checked, my MSN and AIM were listed. If they aren't, just shoot me a PM. I'm not online very often currently, but if I'm sent an email, I can be on at a set time.

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