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Problem models?


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Just wondering if anyone has encountered any inherent problems with any of the models from the download section. I know about the problem with using the same texture for two different models and was very careful about that when I imported. Specifically I'm wondering about the YT-3000 model; has anyone else used it and had it work ok?


I'm running on an old Celeron machine with Windows 98. Maybe I'm just asking too much of the hardware or software? I've been playing for about 1700 days and have had a couple of crashes, always following a tactical encounter, but so far was able to reload from a save and run the battle again and it worked ok. This time there's a lot of ships (about 30 per side) including a couple of models I haven't tested yet (the first time those particular models have been in battle).


I still have some troubleshooting to try, but I wondered if anybody had any ideas?



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Thought I'd update this before starting a new thread.


After further testing I've definitely narrowed it down to the YT-3000 model.


Has anyone at all used this model in game successfully? Does Mask have any knowledge of a problem with the model?


It's either something with th model itself, or there's a very slight chance I missed some texture issue when importing - but it would be a conflict with one of a handful of Imperial models.


I'm still in the middle of testing my own TC as a whole, so I don't want to back out to dig into Resource Hacker just yet, but if anyone has managed to get this model to work, I'd love to know about it.


Thanks, and sorry for the double-post.

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