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Few questions about Reloaded and gameplay generally


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I'm not a newbie but still I've few questions:


- Is AI more intelligent/agressive on higher difficulty levels, or does it just get more planets, facilities and warships ?


- why difference between ISD and ISD II is so marginal ?


- what's the best way to capture Luke Skywalker when playing as Empire in Rebellion Reloaded ? I've had problems in my last game with it, because Skywalker foiled every abduction mission led by my force users ( which is obvious, but I've at least managed to wound him - unfortunately he healed rapidly so I was afraid to use my normal combat-espionage characters, much weaker than him )


In vanilla, at early-to-mid game phase Vader has big chance to capture him after lightsaber duel - now when he was replaced by somewhat dissapointing Thrawn, only efficient way I know to capture Skywalker is to blockade planet orbit where's Luke, pack the fleet with force users/high espionage/combat characters and invade the planet.


Is there other, efficient way to catch him ?


- which ship in Rebellion Reloaded is stronger - Eclipse-class SSD or Executur-class SSD ?


- what's the function of Eclipse Star Shield in Rebellion Reloaded ?


- why AI doesn't train his force users ?


- is there any way to make AI smarter ?


I've just finished my first Rebellion Reloaded game on Intermediate diff lvl,it lasted 1080 days during which I've fought rebel battleships only 2 times and these battles were pretty small - around 600 day I've seen massive rebel fleet in 1 of the sectors but later I couldn't find it.


I've captured Mon Mothma around 500 day - she escaped but I did it again - this time she was imprisoned to the end of the game on the planet where I had 2 force users and Rukh, only 1 Clone Trooper ( detection 20 ) regiment and no shields, laser defence, fighters etc. - AI did nothing to rescue her.


Between 650 - 800 day of the game I launched bombardment raid on every planet in the main rebel sectors - I've faced only some basic defensive fighters - AI let me to destroy his manufacturing and mining heart with no major encounter.


Game practically ended when 1 of my fleets aattacked Borleais and destroyed 1 ISD and 2 MCC-40a's there with 10 X-Wing squadrons - there where also NR-HQ located, I destroyed it during following bombardment - Luke managed to escape invasion and jumped to the nearest rebel planet, but I blockaded it with second fleet for over 70 days ( enough time to amass rest of rebels ship and try to beat me up there - AI did nothing ) when I've waited for my Knights and Master ( Lumiya ) to prevent Luke from escaping imperial hands this time.


I thought - wtf ? - I've built so many ships just to win so easily - I was kinda dissapointed :roll:

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I haven't installed or played Reloaded (yet), but I have a few comments for you :wink:


I'm not a newbie but still I've few questions:


1) - Is AI more intelligent/agressive on higher difficulty levels, or does it just get more planets, facilities and warships ?


2) Is there other, efficient way to catch him ?


3) - what's the function of Eclipse Star Shield in Rebellion Reloaded ?


4) - why AI doesn't train his force users ?


5) - is there any way to make AI smarter ?

1) the AI is dumb, plain & simple :evil: . It's only a matter of semantics that it's called an "AI" at all :lol:


2) to capture Luke, try non-force users and lots of them. Like the Emperor in the original, he'll "detect" force users and foil their missions.


3) the same as the Death Star Shield in the original, except to protect the Eclipse.


4) see answer #1


5) Only if you can get the game source code and re-program it :(


I thought - wtf ? - I've built so many ships just to win so easily - I was kinda dissapointed :roll:

Welcome to everybody's reality, and why people keep trying to change the game around :P

Finally, after years of hard work I am the Supreme Sith Warlord! Muwhahahaha!! What?? What do you mean "there's only two of us"?
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Thx for reply DarthTex - well, it suxx that AI suxx :? - I would like to play really challenging game but I guss it's only possible in multiplayer ( and it suxx too because this game requires a lot of time and precise management not to mention that with intelligent opponent it may take much more time to defeat him or get beating ) - still, I've tried to convince my brother to play with me via LAN, but he wasn't interested :(


I've read on Rebellion Wiki about modding Rebellion so AI could produce much more ships and troops and do it faster than normally, but I'm not sure if

it's such a good idea.


PS. Why anybody would like to build stationary shield for purely offensive weapon like Eclipse when there's possibility to build powerful&cheap Golan III platforms now ? :o

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i played reloaded bunch for little while. Its tiny bit smarter then normal..tiny. they do more sab missions. more capture missions. more rescue missions. they actually built a deathstar. i was floored. that never happened before. They are agressive planet assualters and seem to diplomacy them well enough if you don't get there within 100 200 days.


Thrawn is super easy to catch now...kinda lame if you ask me.

I give the edge to rebels. their ssd's die well enough with ships in numbers. after that they usaually never build a fleet well enough and you can just go planet hopping. I've encountered some traps. but usually they aren't very large fleets really.


The all fighter fleets don't seem like the thing to do anymore. The corvett rush fleet works really well now for rebels, over powered if you ask me.


The rebels 3 conyard start over the empires 3 to 5 ship yards is way more better for rebels. Although the occasional hq not being hidden when it lands on a planet thats been revealed is a bummer if was multi. lol


i found liea and luke both beat up on the empior so the game really is stacked against the empire now.


Thge graphics are hard to get use to with it being grainy. and it seems like its not easy on the eye's. but i like the new concept. I did a huge galaxy and took every planet with in 2500 days....so the AI is only fun for first few 100 days until you get your fleet organized and pumped out then its game over.


I usually focus on dimplomacy,sabs/capture personal, incite inrisings for first 100's days for the fun of it. after that i get maby 3 sectors secure then go into the 2 stronghold systems and suncrush them cause i'm bored. lol



< more then willing to play. i've logged on almost everyday in Hamachi for past 3 to 4 weeks. played 2 games but everyone else usually aren't their to play. Only bad thing is the hamachi is pay for license and its 30day trial and i'm not paying to license it for i think its like 40 to 60 a year...so..guess i won't be playing unless someone e-mails me and we goto gamespy.

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Er, not that I'm an editor of the game in any way, shape, or form, but I believe that there are ways to make the game more difficult- for instance, with RebED the build times and and maintenance costs and likelihood of building for different troops and ships and such, to the point where in a given amount of time they can build a fleet twice as powerful as your own.


Nu kyr'adyc, shi taab'echaaj'la

Not gone, merely marching far away

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Yah, RebEd's good for making the game easier for the AI - by reducing maintenance cost for the units on the AI's side it makes it easier for them to build more cheaper faster. Reloaded was obviously designed to be balanced for two players, so playing it SP it's gonna be pretty easy.


There's now way to make the AI make better decisions, sadly. If you want to try tweaking the game with RebEd, be warned: it takes a lot of work to put together a new set of numbers that's playable. As flawed as the original game is, I gotta give the developers props for balancing it remarkably well.


I haven't tried any of the other total conversions in the downloads section, but I gather that some of them present a decent challenge, so you might try there.

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AI: The AI itself CANNOT be modified to our knowledge. It is "hard coded" into the game and as such modders can't touch it. However, that doesn't mean it's impossible to not effect the AI. The game testing I've done of Reloaded has had a more agressive AI, some of this is due to the new ship stats, some of it due to the modified galaxy map.

But in the end, these are simple "hacks" that don't work all the time and for all people.

The easiest way to get things to work better for the AI, as has been pointed out, is to use RebEd to lower production costs for the enemy AI allowing them to build up quicker and with greater numbers.

Budious has pointed out in another thread that it might be worth while leaving the AI to build up by itself, unapposed for several turns, before building up and attacking yourself.


ISD vs. ISD2: Can't say myself - I havn't had much to do with the unit balancing, and a lot of the BETA testing is focused at bug testing and unit balancing.


Capturing Luke: Well, in Reloaded it would be similar to capturing a powerful character in normal Rebellion. This usually means a heavy force or powerful force/character.

If you've tried capturing Vader of Palpatine in Rebellion, it's a difficult task that often requires a blockading fleet and several powerful characters and/or a planetary assault.

Efficient way of capturing him? Hmm, is an Eclipse considered efficient? :roll::wink:


SSD vs. ESD: Well, stat wise the ESD, but it's not that simple considering how the ESD is used. The ESD shield is just like the DS shield.




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Just in case anybody was interested, I tried getting the source code three years ago. No go. It's been three years, so if you want to you could try again, but the only way to do it is ask. Reverse engineering, while technically possible, is difficult, time-consuming, and illegal.

Star Wars: Rebellion, A Field Manual

"O be wise, what can I say more?"

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