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Star wars eaw

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how many people can mod because Ive got great ides for A rebellion Eaw mod this tread may be used for general eaw discussion and post your aw some screenshots here so post away also you could therettly have six factions in eaw foc


and four playable so possibly






the smugglers alliance

non playable



planetary governments

i have an idea for a mod but I'm no moder but i need to get my ideas down so



Heroes Of the rebellion

and empire

Use all the heroes from star wars rebellion


Brandei commands the isd 1 judicator

Bin Essada reduces cost of mining facilities

Bane Nothos commands an nebulon frigate

Bevel Lemelisk lowers costs

Covell commands an at-st with shields

Darth Vader

Dorja commands isd I relentless

Daala commands isd I gorgon

Emperor Palpatine

Grammel land commander same abilities as field commander

Garindan spy

Jerjerrod reduces cost of death star by 50 percent triples build time

Labansat neutralize hero

Menndo neutralise hero

Niles Ferrier stealth commands stolen corellian gunship with full salvo ability

Lorth Needa non cannon survives Vader's force assault join rebels at tech 4 commands isd 2 avenger

Noval Garaint land unit stealth neutralize hero switch weapon switch between blade rifle and vibro blade

Piett same as usual

Pellaeon rebellion hero tech 5 captains isd 2 Chimera

Pter Thanas rebel hero commands carrack cruiser dominant

Screed commands victory cruiser demolisher

Shenir Rix spy and stealth

Thrawn command adomitor

Villar commands an elite tie squadron

Veers same

Zuggs commands imperial strike cruiser



Adar Tallon Commands acclamator I cruiser


Ackbar home one

Bren Derlin ground commander On foot like katarn

Borsk Fey'lya same abilities as mon mothma

Carlist Rieekan commands stolen at-at painted dark red


Crix Madine field commander escorted by infiltrators stealth

Drayson same abilitys as fleet comander comands captuerd victory two crusire bost shelids ability

Garm Bel Iblis peregrine dreadnought increase shield ability and ion cannons

Han Solo

Huoba Neva captains modified nebulon frigate with heavier armor and ion canons instead of lasers has assault ability

Jan Dodonna comands a modified t4b tank with Shields on ground and lowers enemy moral

Kaiya Andrimetrum general comes with page and his commandos

Lando Calrissian smuggler commands lady luck

Leia Organa command the venator cruiser hope Carries multiple fighter squadrons

Luke Skywalker same

Mazer Rackus commands a squadron of pirate fighters

Mon Mothma same

Ma'w'shiye spy abilty stealth sabatoge

Narra commands elite x-wing squadron

Orrimaarko infiltrator stealth

Page comes with commandos has thermal detonator ability

Roget Jiriss commands modified the frontier hawk uses stock model of millenium falcon

Sarin Virgilio commands a correlian gunship whith full slavo ability

Syub Snunb comand nebulon frigate anterse six after tech 3 command majestic class crusier resolve

Talon Karrde commands wild karrde modified pirat frigate whith three turbolases wht tractor beam abillity and power sheilds

Tura Raftican spy slash infiltrator

Vanden Willard reduces prices of fild and fleet commandes

Wedge Antilles comands rouge squadron


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