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Very-very first BETA release of Rebellion Reloaded:



To make it work on your PC, you gotta do as the installer tells you, as this is the only way that it's going to work.


I know, that the Winrar package's self-extractor is in German and that most of you don't understand the language, but this is the only licensed version I have.


It's not that hard, though. "Durchsuchen" means "Browse", so this is the button, that lets you choose a directory and "Installieren" means ... "install", as you might've already guessed.


Unpack it exactly where the text above these buttons tells you, in other words into a subfolder of your Rebellion directory. Once it's done, start the setup.exe and hope that the 17 hours I went without eating today, to get this done after getting home from work, didn't interfere with me correctly assembling the package.


The installer itself has a readme, that gets automatically displayed and tells you, what you need to do. Again, do as it says, or I can promise it won't work.


There's an optional music pack, that I'll post tomorrow, or maybe LaForge will come in here before me and do that. We didn't include it in this release, since it's above 100MB.



So, for now: happy gaming with what became our life-blood for the past 4 years.



Btw, the installation can take a while. Be patient and don't click around, while it runs. Otherwise you might not immediately see the window, that tells you everything is done at the end and have to keep pressing ALT-TAB, until you do.


It's 01AM for me and I better drop into my bed, since I need to get up in 4 hours for work again :roll:


To load the .reb file for the cards, you gotta copy it to your RebEd folder, like with every other TC.

Oh and you need your original Rebellion CD for this, as we can't and won't support anything else.

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