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Laz's rebellion 2 ideas


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I'm new here, but this is the perfect place to put some ideas that I've been keeping for the last 9 years or so to myself since no one has ever asked me, "what would you do in case of a rebellion 2..." Well


I'm going to go stream of conciousness here...



multiple playable and non playable factions and multiple eras. Here are some ideas






Prequel Era


Dooku's Rebels/Trade Federation


Imperial Era (duh)




New Jedi Order


Yuzan Vong (sp)



More dynamic characters. Meaning, why not level characters up? Allow us to choose bonuses, or feats so that we can customize our characters to our own particular play style. So let's say we prefer to use our characters for instigating rebellions? Well maybe we can build them up that way, instead of for espionage, or for diplomacy, etc...


real traitors, characters could hop side (some may be more loyal than others)

have the risk of light or dark jedi falling or being redeemed and joining the other side.


more attention to the force and to jedi. To me, the Jedi and the force were the most compelling parts of the film, and I'd like to see the Jedi have more influence in battles.

Jedi Academies

Perhaps you need a master to start one, but after that, you can send your young jedi to them to train, that way your masters and knights can be out doing missions, rather than be tied up training.

Jedi Duels, these duels can turn the tide of land or space battles...



Space Battles and GROUND BATTLES.


a technology tree.

Rather than just assigning characters to investing in a linnear set of techs, why not make it more interesting by having to go up a tree, allowing for different ways to advance. Grudges and friendships. I think it would be interesting if characters developed bonuses if they kept doing missions with other characters. Example, you send Wedge and Lando on several missions together, perhaps they develop skills when they do these missions together. Alternatively, if you come face to face with an enemy, and escape or surive or whatever, perhaps you will gain a grudge against them, and whenever possible, your character attempts to harm the other, of course you'd get bonuses by being against them. Example, Chewbacca and Han Solo failed in kidnapping Thrawn. Now Thrawn gives his fleet a bonus when han solo is in the opposing fleet. Allow characters to not only travel with ships, but to actually be a part of ground units. Example, I build an AT-AT unit to deploy on a planet in need of a garrison. I can add Veers to the AT-AT unit the same way you'd add any character to a ship.


Change the resource system slighty. Not every planet should have a generic ore. Perhaps some have metal, others gas, some might have bacta... Make resources important. That way certain planets will become important as well, and worth fighting for. Make the outer rim territories more abundant in resources and the core systems more industrialized with less resources (because they're all used up.)


One thing I got from the total war series, every province (or in this case planet) might have special troops that only they can produce. Example, if the rebellion controls Kashyyk, then perhaps only then can it produce wookie troops. ON the other hand, perhaps if the empire controls kashyyk, then maybe it gets a production bonus since it is probably enslaving those poor wookies.


Neutral fleets. Give neutral worlds fleets. Yay for challenges.


more events... I really like trying to accomplish the events from the movie. I take great pride in rebellion when I catch the emperor and vader at the same time. It's rad. I think the player should get bonuses on characters or ships or troops if you trigger events.


the ability to capture enemy ships.


Better ways to organize fleets and troops. I love clicking and dragging ships over from one sector to another, or whatever... But if there were a centralized screen that had all the details and you could move your ships around from a more organized setting, that would be nice.


More control over fleets and fighters. Perhaps adding macros that make your ships perform actions by order of marked importance. For example, X-Wing Squadron has order that ask it to Attack Enemy Fighters, then attack enemy capital ships. In that order. Hope that makes sense.


Well that is all for now. I'll post more as I think of them. Thanks for the forum!


Rebellion Adict for 9 years!

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In response to your neutral fleets idea, what if you get those ships added to your faction if you gain the planet by diplomacy?


Also, instead of placing a character into research for one of three main departments, why not split those up?




-capital ships

-special weapons


Troop Training:




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