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Rebellion: Reloaded BETA


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Rebellion Reloaded is a 'Total Conversion' for Star Wars: Rebellion.


After some long years of work, we final can present a BETA version of it.

BETA release date is: 4th July, 2007.



Reloaded is a sequel to Rebellion in many ways. Some ships, characters and facilities are 'fading' in to the TC from the original game.

After the destruction of the Death Star, and the fall (:)) of the Emperor, the Empire's forces are scattered through the Galaxy.

The New Republic has been announced, but it is still fragile and many systems are still loyal to Palpatine's legacy.

The Empire's fleet doesn't outnumber the Alliance anymore, brute force can't be a solution for defeating them.

Grand Admiral Thrawn, a military genious is making more and more trouble for the New Republic. It seems, his tactical skills make him a new threat, and while the Senate is busy with intergalactic politics and diplomatic issues, Thrawn can reunite and rebuild the Empire's forces, and perhaps find allies to defeat Jedi Master Skywalker.


The TC and it's cards are based upon Timothy Zahn's trilogy:

* Heir to the Empire (1991)

* Dark Force Rising (1992)

* The Last Command (1993)


This means, the more important slots are all filled up with Characters/Ships/Troops refering to these books.



:arrow: 60 new (never seen before) Character cards

:arrow: 12 new Capital ship classes

:arrow: 2 new Fighter classes

:arrow: 30 new high-poly ship models

:arrow: 5 new Troop types

:arrow: 6 new Special forces units

:arrow: 2 new Planetary defense systems


:arrow: ALL card images have been updated, redrawn.

:arrow: New encyclopedia entries for everything.

:arrow: New advisors (planned for final release) with new voices

:arrow: Fresh in-game music (SW soundtrack, still mono but better quality)

:arrow: Totally revamped Galaxy map, based on SW-EU maps.

:arrow: New user interface for oth sides (including GUI and new windows, buttons, etc..)

:arrow: Tons of new event images

:arrow: More then 1500 sprites replaced

:arrow: New cutscenes (in progress)


Just a quick reminder, that BETA release is not to be confused with FINAL or FULL release. Public beta is an unbalanced version, you will get all new ships and characters, but the ingame experience won't be perfect.


If you are just looking for fun, you could be dissapointed. This release is rather for those people, who want to help us testing the game.



Please check in here http://www.swrebellion.com/forums/postt3904.html

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Anyone who can't wait for Reloaded... Let everyone know about it!


June has been the busiest month so far, we hope July will be even better.

So anyone who can give us signicant exposure, that would be great. For all the hard work that the Reloaded team has done, you can do your part and help get the word out.


(I suggest starting with the big sites like StarWars.com forums, TheForce.net, etc... )


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