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What do you think of my suggestions?  

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I'd just like to say that i've been playing Rebellion for almost as long as it's been out, and i play it almost every day. The new cards are great (most of them) i'm working on putting together 5 different games. A Sith vs. Jedi, with anything prior to the Prequels. A Prequel game, an Original Trilogy game (with only characters and ships etc. from the OT in it) a New Republic game and a New Jedi Order game (with the yuuzhan vong cards i downloaded from the site in it) although i think it will take me a while to get them done because i'm not quite used to Rebellion Editor yet.


I've also reshaped the galaxy (i don't think it's 100% accurate though, maybe 70%) moving Coruscant to the "north-east" of the galaxy's core, i've renamed planets, i've got Mandalore, Saleucami, Mustafar, Zonama Sekot, Woteba (from the dark nest trilogy, as well as five other killik planets) Csilla, Kamino, Bogden, Polneye (in the koornacht cluster from the black fleet crisis trilogy) Anoth, Thyferra, Ziost, Corbos and Korriban just to name a few.


I'm looking forward to the release of Rebellion Reloaded, i think it'll be worth the wait. But will we be able to use Rebellion Editor on it? not that i'd want to edit it right away, but maybe after a few months of playing it i may.


So a few questions/suggestions about Reloaded.


1. Mole-Miners. (used by thrawn to capture new republic ships) Are there any? (it'd be great to be able to steal a SSD from the empire or maybe a bulwark battlecruiser from the rebels, maybe the mole-miners could be a special unit to be sent on ship theft missions)


2. Changes to the Jedi training missions. (green lightsabers for good red lightsabers for bad, also for the empire the mission should be called Dark Jedi Training Mission)


3. Thraken Sal-Solo.


4. Dorsk 82.


5. Jagged Fel.


6. Centerpoint Station.


7. Loyalty Change Mission. (send an agent or a team to convince an enemy character to switch sides)


8. Galaxy Gun. (used by the clone emperor to destroy "rebel" targets)


9. Defender Trooper Regiment. (based on the mcquarrie drawing)


10. Create Natural Disaster Mission. (it seems ironic to me that some natural disasters accur soon after the enemy has had a successful sabotage mission)


I know it's a little late for suggestions but seeing as how Reloaded will be delivered to us in july, i thought i'd put my two cents in.


Thank You! to everyone involved in revamping one of my favorite games. And i look foward to playing it on july 4th...Or 5th. :arrow:

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Yes, you will be able to edit Rebellion Reloaded using the RebED software- it's how Reloaded is being made in the first place! :P


Now then, as for the rest of your statements: Just to start this off, none of this will be changed strictly because you mentioned it. So far as I know, work is pretty much complete, and the beta will be released on the 4th of July.


1) Not gonna happen without the source code. Things can only be modified- you can't throw in whole new stuff, unfortunately. Not without that source code.


2) Possibly can be done, and probably has been done already. If not, you can certainly do it yourself with the editor. The color thing is porbably already done seeing as the team replaced nearly all of the preexisting images for Reloaded with brand new ones. :wink:


3) Again, I don't know if he's in there, but you can add him.


4)Ditto #3


5) Ditto #3


6) Unless the DS has been changed to Centerpoint, it won't be there. For it to act as it does in the novels is impossible, because only one faction can build a world-destroying/instant-ship-destruction device like Centerpoint would have to be- it could only function as the DS originally did in the game (To the best of my knowledge).


7) Not without the source code.


8) As with #6, this isn't possible without the source code, unless it replaces the DS.


9) I don't know if it's in there, but you can make your own card of it.


10) Can't be done without the source code.


I hope that helps, Vin. I hope we see you around here as a regular- lots of folks just show up, post once or twice, and then leave these nice forums. Fresh meat is always welcome.


Wait, seeing as I'm the local cannibal, I probably shouldn't have used that exact phrasing...


Nu kyr'adyc, shi taab'echaaj'la

Not gone, merely marching far away

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Right, Reloaded will still be within the confines of what is possible.. RebED and DLL hacking. It won't add any new features to Rebellion.


Also note that this release is a beta. It is certainly not completed and there may be future releases as long as people want to work on it :)


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How about if someone asks Lucasarts to release the source code? I mean noone except the hardcore players even remembers this game, im sure they would release it if they found ppl are interested.. like for instance id software released the sources for q1,q2 and i think q3 as well.. why not rebellion? then some of you coding freaks could really make a New Jedi Order mod or something.. a 3 player variation? wouldnt that be amazing?


On the other hand, im happy we even got to Reloaded.. so dont take me too seriously :)

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  • 3 years later...

Not just hard core users still able to play SW: Rebellion. 2010-11 and it's still alive and massive!


Awsome source code to still be active unmodded on XP.


Power to anyone who can update and revitalise a top 10 classic of all time (This, and Birth of the Federation!)




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I got Rebellion 2008 working on my new W7 64 bit machine and wide screen monitor. Best is windows mode. You can re size it.


It takes a long time to get a finished project. I have the initial front end GUI. That was a lot of work.


I hope the pure coding part is easier than getting three/four layer of graphics to works together. I think the pure coding is going to be much faster and easier...and more open to community programming. Just simple to use (more or less) Basic language: Dark Basic Professional. It is free now, and easy to learn, a pain to master. :lol:


After three years I have the 2D main and a basic 3D engine to show. I been saying that for a while but I really had to make sure it was going to work on modern computers and not just my seven year old CRT monitor and P4 2.8 Ghz


Duke Nukem Forever or Rebellion Remake first?

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