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New Sith Order Model Requests

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EDIT: This thread id formerly the "Ship Request: New Rebel Light Cruiser"


Now being changed to New Sith Order Model Request thread.


I've been casting about desprately to find ship hulls for the rebels to use in upcoming New Sith Order posts. While doing so I came across a rather unlikley contender that after some modification looks half decent.


I'm talking about the Ferryboat Liner as seen in X-wing Alliance.



With these liners becoming older it'd be a simple matter for Rebels to swipe the hulls from yards as they're being decomissioned.


Strap some Turbolasers and MonCal built shield generators on after the battle plate and we're ready for action.


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We'ere on Defense platforms today!


The old regular Golan Series of platforms was already plenty big compared to most Capital ships.




This is the Empire though so bigger is better and a few upgrades are needed here and there to keep costs down. :roll::twisted:


(Golan 3 Upgrade A)



Unless you're Palpatine and want to Super Defend Coruscant.

(Golan 4)



The Golan 4 is intended for a long range turbolaser barrage relative "up" towards the viewer. Each turret has 8 Heavy Long Range Turbolaser Cannons designed specifically by Golan Arms.

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