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Fighter totals: 8 total in combination or 4 per side?


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Long time lurker and player, first time poster. I actually just eBayed a copy of Rebellion, since with RebEdit I can inject some sort of difficulty and, more importantly, "historical accuracy" into the game. I don't have either program yet, so I can't experiment for myself, so I have this question:


Are the number of starfighter types per side limited to 4, is the total part of the ship total, or can there be, say, 5 types for one faction and three for the other? I want to keep the B-Wing, but add a Z-95 to the Rebel faction. Any answers will be much-appreciated.

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You can make 5 types for one faction and 3 for the other, you just can't increase the total count of fighter types in the game.


As far as historical accuracy goes, I usually give the Tie Defenders the ion cannons that they are supposed to have, although you might want to remove the ships all together and replace them with z-95's


other note:

I always make nebulon B frigates available to both sides, because they were originally built by the Empire.


and welcome to the forums :D


I should really make a flashy banner

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I am going to remove T/Ds and replace them with Z-95s on the Rebel side.


I am making massive changes, or planning to anywhere. Many ships on the Reb side will be replaced by Mon-Cal designs and the others on both sides will all be altered some way, some major and some minor.


Thanks for the info.

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You can make the fighter change (5 vs 3) in RebEd, but BEWARE!! RebEd warns you that more than likely the program will crash in the tactical battle phase (where you change over to the fleet & fighter onscreen combat), but it should work for immediate results pick. If you can't see your special hand picked fighters in the tactical battle, then why bother changing them in the first place :?


I would suggest sticking to the 4 vs 4 format and if you want the Z-95, eliminate the A-wing (you said you wanted to keep the B-wing) :wink:


Good Luck!

Finally, after years of hard work I am the Supreme Sith Warlord! Muwhahahaha!! What?? What do you mean "there's only two of us"?
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