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Largest fleet of Dauntless' ever seen!


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I'm playing a medium galaxy hard level, I was in a bit of trouble early but no matter how I tried to catch up I couldnt keep the mines & refineries up, I got tons in the outer sectors!

Anyhow I'm cruising along at date 1500, I got all the major sectors under control except Sluis, which i was rampaging across, 2 fleets w/ total of 3 SSD's and maybe total of 12 capital ships (mostly Dreadnaughts or victory)


All of a sudden I decide to go back to Sluis Van to do additional Rebel clean up, w/ one of the fleets (Thrawns Flt), then Bamm! All of a sudden a Dauntless jumps in! I was surprised becasue for 600 days he has shown little resistance fleet wise, being he was alone the fleet easily picked him off, 2 days then another I was like ooh, that would have been a little trouble.

He was massing his fleet there, i could see all the ships then coming in, so I did espionage but wasnt coming in fast enough to see.


Several more came! mostly 1 dauntless w/ an escort or a frigate, in 2 occasions there was 2 together, if I hadnt gone back he would have had a fleet of 12 Dauntless Cruisers!!! PLus Escorts and frigates!

I never saw the Computer plyr hold back ships to assemble a massive fleet like that before.


I think I would have been up the creek, turns out he's got 2 more fleets w/ 2 and 3 Dauntless cruisers in them and their running around elswhere.

All of this just came so sudden (w/ in 50 days) I was so surprised.

Has the computer ever done this to anyone else?

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It always slams with Nebulan B frigate and Corellian (sp?) Corvettes in the first hundred days or so when I'm the Empire. You shoulda let him mass that fleet up, mate! It would've made the game more challenging :twisted:


Quick question- did you mod the game at all with RebED before playing?


Nu kyr'adyc, shi taab'echaaj'la

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Well I'll tell ya, In retrospect I was glad I discovered the meeting place, because He did put up a bit more resistance.

On the other note I have a save right before I went back there so I might play it differently ( by not going back to Sluis Van).


But I'm pretty sure he's gonna let me have it, I'm not bad but I wouldnt say I'm awesome either, so I'm sure thats it.


On top of it the game goes a bit more, I get Luke and the little brat captures both Vader and The Emperor! I even checked to see how tough he was before i captured him and I figured I was safe.


I do have some adjustments, (head down) I, gave my self some characters, like Fett, IG-88, And a Minor Jedi who's tough but never take on Luke, and also Rukh. Sorry man! I gotta have more fun guys!

But I also gave him some better guys that I created, A bad arse Swooper guy, a hot chick, and another guy.


No other mods except I gave myself Lambada class shuttles w/ mod, so yes I can truck my Dignataries, passengers and prisoners around faster.

But thats it, so I didnt think that was enough to see what happened.

I pretty much got things under control now, (look out!) but When i get more time I'll go back to that save.


And Happy New Year all!

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Well on several occasions I found that the cheaper you make something cost, using RebEd, the more of them you start with, if it's a starting ship. It's the same for the computer. Also the cheaper it is, you can make more, and you can also make them faster. It's the same for the computer.


For example...

If I were playing the Empire and I were to cut the Dauntless Cruiser's construction and maintenance costs to 1/3 the normal, the Reb's would build three times as many.



Construction Cost 136 = 45 (I always round down)

Maintenance Cost 90 = 30


If this were the case for the Corellian Corvette and the Reb's would normaly start with, let's say 6, then they would start with at least fifteen.


So what I usually do when I start a new game (for some reason I love playing the Empire) (kinda contradicts my screen name doesn't it?), I'll set all the Reb ships to at least half cost. Therefore they will produce more ships and have larger fleets for me to destroy. Hehehe... :twisted:


Now people, you must bear in mind that I have not purposely played games to find this out but that I merely realized this at one point when I was playing. I wondered why they were suddenly producing more ships and I concluded that this must be why. I could find no other reason for them building more ships.

"Is my flagship ready, Captain?"
"The Chimaera is fully at your command, Admiral."
-- Grand Admiral Thrawn & Captain Gilad Pellaeon
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Well, my games have a long painfull history of ending in large fleets battles followed by the victor mopping up what the other side has left. Either that, of me sending my last command character to hide in the outer rim while I gain control of the situation and landing facefirst in a massive warfleet.


But on to the point. I have found over the years that if you allow the enemy to keep enough core systems and out rim sectors, they will eventually buuild up massive fleets on their own without much RebEd tinkering. However, with the correct RebEd tinkinering you can get your enemy to build up massive fleets wihtout having to wait, whcih ccan lead to some nail biting situations.


Case in point: I was at my parents this last weekend playing on thier computer as my own computer is to new to play the game. With some tinkering in RebEd i had the rebels building Imp Star Dueces by day 1000, and by day 1500 I was taking on warfleets stacked with Dauntless cruisers and Imp Stars.


Overall, the largest fleet in that game I had to tangle with was 2 Dauntless cruisers, and about a dozen mixed destroyers with even more support ships. But think historically, the worst fleet I ever had to deal with (that I can remember off of the top of my head) had around 9 dauntless cruisers, and about twice as many Mon Cals, and easily a dozen or more assualt frigates. And the supports ships... I think I still have nightmares about that battle. Granted, it took a lot of RebEd tweaking to get a fleet like that amassed against me, but it was fun taking it down. Granted, I ended up missing those fleets in the long run, but it was still fun.

I once knew a great man. Nothing got to him, and he always smiled. May he forever rest in peace, knowing fully well that his freinds shall remember him.
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