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Jedi Skill amount per level



Ok, so Luke is a Jedi tudent and (using RebEd) i've got Aayla Secura on board (can train Jedi). She's a Jedi Student too so I can't train Luke with her yet.


Can anyone tell me the number of Jedi skill points required for each level (Trainee, Jedi Student, Knight, Master)?


Thanks in advance.

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Take a look at this gameplay tips information link at LA:




Here is a snippet (includes Novice level)




Force using characters are able to increase their attributes and heal faster than regular characters. When strong enough, they can also detect and foil enemy Force users and can detect traitors among their own personnel. There are five levels of force growth:


Novice (10+)


Trainee (20+)


Jedi student (80+)


Jedi Knight (100+)


Jedi Master (120+)


The numbers are never displayed in the game, but this gives you a general idea of how long it will take to move to the next level. Keep in mind that each time you get a Force growth message, the character receives one point of Force growth and also gains an increase in their leadership, combat, and espionage attributes.


To detect if someone is a Force user, the character must be on the same planet as Luke or Darth. While Darth is able to detect Force users right away, Luke will not be able to detect Force capable characters until he reaches the level of Jedi student, which usually happens when he comes back from Dagobah.


How can I increase my characters Force powers? .....


FYI Palpatine starts at 150. Sparky old fart ain't he? 8)

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If you want Aayla to train Luke, make sure you checked off the space in RebEd on the character sheet that says "can train Jedi".Otherwise it cant be done, no matter how strong in the Force Aayla is.

Your feeble skills are no match for the power of the Dark Side!


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Thank you both for you information and comments. I have set Aayla to be able to train Jedi but I needed to know the skill pointsl she needs to be able to train (must be a Jedi Knight).


Appreciate all the help. :)

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