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Thrawn's Revenge


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What is Thrawn's Revenge?


In short, Thrawn's Revenge is a mod for Star Wars: Empire at War. It will add many playable and non-playable factions, units, gameplay elements, etc. There are four main parts to the mod.


Part One: Empire of the Hand: (Empire at War, then converted to FoC)

Set between the end of the Clone Wars and the Battle of Endor. Empire of the Hand adds, as the name implies, the new playable faction Empire of the Hand as well as expanding on the Empire and Rebel Alliance. Also included is Garm Bel Iblis' Rebel Group.

Estimated Completion Percent: 83%


Part Two: Imperial Civil War: (Forces of Corruption)

Set between the Battle of Endor and the signing of the Pellaeon-Gavrisom Treaty. Imperial Civil War adds the following playable factions:

  • New Republic
  • Imperial Remnant
  • Ssi-Ruuvi Imperium

It also adds the non-playable factions, the Hapes Consortium, and the Duskhan League.

Estimated Completion Percent: 10%


Part Three: Fall of the Republic: (Forces of Corruption)

Set 5 years before the Battle of Naboo in Episode 1 and going up to the end of the Clone Wars, Fall of the Republic adds the following playable factions:

  • Galactic Republic
  • CiS
  • Chiss Ascendancy

It also adds the Vagaari as a non-playable faction.

Estimated Completion Percent: 23%


Part Four: Name Unreleased

No information publically available, other than it will contain three playable factions.


Our website is at gutr.swrebellion.com

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I seem to have forgotten to update in a while..


Merry Christmas, and welcome to the Thrawn's Revenge Christmas update. First off I would like to announce the partnership of Thrawn's Revenge, with Galactic Uprising, a Star Wars mod for CnC 3. Both teams will be sharing certain skins and models so we can get both mods done faster.


Next up, some renders:
























And finally,




Members get to see some extra stuff, and a special announcement.


Merry Christmas,

Thrawn's Revenge team


I know, we haven't had an update for a long time. This is part one of 2 updates.


The recent apparent inactivity was due to the team being extremely busy trying to finish the minimod, and some other stuff.


A quick update on the minimod first. There are still a few maps and skins that need rfinishing up, as well as a bit of coding and some icons.

Once we take care of those, it will be sent out to our beta testers for about a week of testing and bug fixing, after which it will be availible for download. It will include 4 new Galactic Conquest maps, 8 new planets and redone planet maps of 8 other planets. A full unit list will probably be posted in part 2 of this update.


Here is a list of the beta testersthat have been chosen for testing the minimod:


Darth Dino





Next off, we have some renders.


First, we have Delta Squad. This will be an extremely useful (and cool) Republic hero when R3 comes around.



Next comes the ARC trooper, a Republic minor hero.



Then we have the AAC-1. This is tank for the Rebellion.



Now there is the UT-AT. This is one of the Republic's Artillery units.



Then we have one of the CIS's most powerful heroes, and his bodyguards.



And finally, our new Venator model. This was given to us by GU, which I have been made leader of due to the resignation of the old leader.



Last, we have to say goodbye (at least temporarily) to Ben, AKA Grand Admiral Makati. Prior to his resignation, caused by a homework overload, he was one of the coleaders of the mod. He has been with the mod since day 1, and will be missed.


-Thrawn's Revenge

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Yep, that's right. Today the mod turns one (1) year old.


As in just about every other update, we will be showing pictures, but first we have a few things to mention.


First off the minimod. The minimod will only only be linked to from our forums for about a week, this way we can make sure we have everything rooted out, and then on the fourteenth I will submit it to filefront and post the link in the other threads we have. Keep in mind this is just a minimod, not the whole thing. Many skins and models in this release will change before the final release of Empire of the Hand. Before you start downloading, I suggest you finish reading the update.

If you encounter any bugs, please post them in the tech support forums.

Link to the thread with the link to Thrawn's Revenge v0.5


Next, a bit of a Thrawn's Revenge: Empire of the Hand development status update:

We are nearly done modelling and rigging for this release, with coding and voiceovers following close behind. However, skinning and mapping is going much slower due to our lack of skinners and mappers. We aim to have this version in beta stage near the end of the summer, assuming we get at least one mapper and skinner (Do not quote me on this, it's just an estimate).


Now, the renders...


First off we have the CIS Munificient.


(The CIS logo and stripes will be done as team colour)


Next is the CIS Recusant.



Next is the Republic AT-RT



Now the Death Star Prototype






Wild Karrde



Eta 2 Actis Light Interceptor



Errant Venture



Nebula Class Star Destroyer




That's all for now,

Yub Squadron

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Hello all. A while ago we posted a poll on what you wanted to be in an update, and the Empire of the Hand won with 39% of the votes, and a trailer following that with 13%. Therefore, this update will focus mainly on the empire of the Hand.


First though, there have been a few changes to the staff. We would like to welcome Darth dino to the team as a coder, and Nezill to the team as a skinner. Since joining they have both been a great help in the development of the mod. Tyrant has also joined the administration staff as a coleader. Congratulations to him on his promotion, keepup the good work!


We have also completed the minimod's full version. We would like to thank everyone who reported bugs from the public beta. This version has fixed many bugs and errors, as well as replaced a few skins with much better ones.

Download the Minimod


Now, for the renders.







And finally, this is a Chiss and planet in the unknown regions, mapped by Arbiter.

[JPEG, (246.04 KB)]


I'll be posting a galactic map featuring the planets we have shown in the general discussion area soon as well.


The next update in July will most likely feature a trailer for the Empire of the Hand.



Yub Squadron

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