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Ditto. I don't understand it either. I really want to get some of the KOol models too. :(
"Is my flagship ready, Captain?"
"The Chimaera is fully at your command, Admiral."
-- Grand Admiral Thrawn & Captain Gilad Pellaeon
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OK guys, I'm a noob too when it comes to replacing models.


CAUTION! I haven't game tested yet. But I do see the one model I replaced when I view it via the Capital Ships menu in RebEd.


Anyway, here's what I did. Essentially I think I've done exactly what The Mask says to do in his read-me.


1. I have Rebellion installed in \games\LucasArts\Star Wars Rebellion. In this folder I created a subfolder called Model Importer (i.e. \games\LucasArts\Star Wars Rebellion\Model Importer).


2. I extracted everything from the rmodimp_en.zip file into the \Model Importer folder using winzip.


3. I copied all of the objects from the folder where I have ResHack installed into the \Model Importer folder.


4. I created a subfolder in the Model Importer folder called import, i.e. \games\LucasArts\Star Wars Rebellion\Model Importer\import


5. the rmodimp.ini comes setup with location = ..\tactical.dll and saveas = ..\tactical.dll. Since my tactical.dll is at the same level as my \Model Importer folder, I didn't have to change this. But I assume you'd either change the number of dots or actually fill in the path name here if you did want to change the location of the tactical.dll that you modify. (Note - I backed up every .dll that came delivered with the game a long time ago, and it's probably best that you at least backup up your tactical.dll before doing anything).


6. it looks like the model importer only wants to handle one .rmd or one .bin file at a time. So as a test I put the .rmd file for the Arc Hammer into the \import folder.


7. I double clicked the rmodimp_win.exe file. It looks like a dos command window flashes briefly and then you get a dialog box where you can select the model by name you want to replace. I clicked on the CC7700 frigate and then clicked OK


8. Presto! An HTML file is displayed (with info about the Damorian freighter, oddly). But now in the \import folder I see the .bin and .x files for the Arc Hammer model. I was able to view the .x files with Lithunwrap.


9. I looked at the CC7700 in RebEd and I can see the Arc Hammer model there now instead (note the card is unchanged, only the model has been modified).


10. According to Mask's readme file, you need to clear out the \import folder before doing another replacement. I'm saving the .x and .bin files that are created by each model replacement to a separate folder, just in case I ever get brave enough to experiment with modeling myself! :roll:


11. I assume that import of a .bin file for a starfighter or the tactical background works the same - you just don't get the dialog box to select the file you're replacing. You have to ensure that the file in the \import folder has the correct resource name so that the importer can tell what it is you want to replace.


Like I said, I haven't game tested, but I think this is going to work for how I have Rebellion installed. Sorry for the long post - hope this helps somebody!


Cheers! And thank you to the Mask for all he has contributed to this site and all he has done to increase the longevity of SWR. :!::)8)



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Hi, I've been trying to export the model of the MC80b_v2 and being having the same problem. the Logfile form Model importer keeps giving me this message:


[02 may 2007, 18:31:25]



Exe=C:\Program Files\LucasArts\Star Wars Rebellion\tactical.dll

SaveAs=C:\Program Files\LucasArts\Star Wars Rebellion\tactical.dll




-addoverwrite "import\mrhull.bin",303,"mrhull.bmp",1033

Added: 303,MRHULL.BMP,1033

-addoverwrite "import\mrhull_m.bin",303,"mrhull_m.bmp",1033

Added: 303,MRHULL_M.BMP,1033


Commands completed



When I go to Rebed I can't see the model spining around on "R" no matter how many times I have re-installed Rebellion. I've deleted Tactical.dll and replaced it for the one on the CD and still have the same problem. Any help you could provide?

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