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Captured Ships


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I've browsed the forums a little bit but came up with nothing so I'll ask.


Has anyone come up with a good way to implement captured ships?


I don't recall off the top of my head the Empire using captured ships alot, but I know the Rebellion/New Republic's fleet contained quite a few Star Destroyer captured from the Empire, and I believe the Nebulon-B's the Rebels aquired were built and stolen from Kuat's shipyards.


I was thinking of letting both sides build the other's ships, but I wanted to put some kind of limit in place for doing that so the Empire wouldn't build some absurd amount of Mon Cal cruisers while the Rebels rolled Star Destroyer's off an assembly line.


Anyone else have ideas/suggestions on this?

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Unfortunately, Rebellion doesn't support capturing ships - but like you suggested there are things you can do to make it more intereseting. Allowing both factions to build ships like the Neb-b and Corvette aren't too bad.

If you've really got the patience, last game I played I used RebEd throughout the game. For example, whoever owned Corellia would get the Corellian warships (CC-9600, 77000 and gunship).

Also, as I (being a Rebellion player) progressed from the under dog to being something in league with the New Republic I allowed myself to build warships like VSDs and ISD mk Is in limited numbers.


Likewise, I let the Empire build MC80s while they controlled Mon Calamari.


If you stick to it, it can be really hard for the Rebellion - giving you a reason to take control of a planet like Mon Calamari in order to get a capable warship etc.

It just means that you need to save more often, quit and load up RebEd, modify it and load Rebellion again.


These are just suggestions - and mixing up fleets is fun.




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