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captains choices


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*uses e-necromancy skill to resurrect forum*


hey guys


as some of you might know, im working on a little Star Wars fangame in my freetime.


The idea for the game is that your a Star destroyer captain during the thrawn era.


In the near future I am going to be working on coding some player input, and so I need some ideas of what kind of decisions a star destroyer captain might have to make.

I specific Im thinking about what kind of tactics I could incorporate, like launching all of the fighters versus leaving them protected in the bays until anti-fighter frigates were destroyed, or maybe should more energy be put to shields or weapons.


whoops (im running out of time). I'll have to clarify this a little later


if your interested..

check out my website: http://nordwindranger.com/midoe.aspx

for some updates on my progress

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One option could be a feint; launch half the fighters and have them circle around a target just out of weapons range to draw off anti-fighter frigates and such. Then launch bombers and/or remaining fighters to engage :twisted:


Another could be a "fake retreat"; have your ships "turn around" to leave (like in the Rebellion tactical battles), but move at slow speed. When enemy fighters come in to pounce for that last shot before you leave (at least that's what they think), launch fighters and take them out :twisted:


Otherwise, there's the standard attack, retreat, etc.

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thanks for the suggestions guys


now that im done with college for the day, heres the further explanation as promised:

my idea for the game was to make something like of like "Il2 combat flight simulator" but for Star Destroyer captains. In other words, the game will (hopefully) attempt to be a realistic attempt to simulate what it would be like to be in command of a star destroyer.


So far I've been spending most of my time hashing out the engine for the game (im writing it virtually from scratch). Currently ships, alliances, fleets, planets, and basic ai are all implemented. I was thinking about what the player would actually do in the game today, and realized that I wasn't sure just what exactly a star destroyer commander does...


Heres are some of the things that are definitely going to be modeled

1. launching shuttles (lambda) to capture ships/ deploy garrisons

2. launching/retrieving fighters (i havent even started thinking about fighters yet, they are a long ways in the future)

3. scanning merchant ships to determine if they are pirate ships/rebs

4. taking part in larger fleet exercises with the rest of the Imperial Remnant (perhaps zsinjs fleet if hes around)

5. defence of key shipyards (bilbringi kuat fondor)

6. tractor beams

7. ion cannon disabling of ships and boarding

8. hyperspace usage

9. retreat and possible escape pod usage.


what im worried about is that there will be nothing for the player to do. For example, he shows up at a planet with his star destroyer. The planet is guarded by 3 nebulon bs and a corvette. the ships immediately begin to fire at eachother. After a shortwhile his ship blows up. game over. it would be like watching a movie (or playing EAW lol), because obviously his ship is going to choose to fire, and theres nothing else for him to do but watch.


I need (relatively simple) ways of making battles a tactical ordeal and not simply a one dimensional slugfest. DarthTex and Taco's ideas are definitely along the right line.


I'll work on further updating my website with some ship info and stuff

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Have you considered the battle engine utalized in Skies of Arcadia? If you don't know what that battle engine is, it's a semi-turn based system in which you choose from a number of options which require certain amounts of energy for a four-turn go. Your enemy does likewise, and your ships go through a 'cutscene,' taking turns to shoot at eachother with who shoots first determined randomly, and the possibility of a miss always in there. Multiple option screens (IE one for fighters, one for ion cannons, one for anti-starfighter weapons, one for turbolasers) would make for a large tactical experiance as well as engaging gameplay IMHO. Plus you only have to animate a pre-set launch scene or two for each option, saving you a bit of time and energy... I wish I knew how to code a game- I would totally make this...
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Sounds pretty cool, but actually the main reason Im doing this (besides my love of Star Wars) is to sharpen up my game programming skills :twisted::twisted:


Also Im dead set on a fully "real time" game. (not to mention most of the "display" part of the engine is already coded).


I would get a video out, but it doesnt compile at the moment, because im in the middle of coding some stuff for "alliances"

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