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What sort of things can cause the failing of recruitment?


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I don't usually have trouble recruiting as I keep Palpatine on Imperial Center, but the enemy can try to disrupt a recruiting mission. Try to stay on a loyal world and do espianage missions to see any enemy activity. This goes for either side, though I only play the Empire. - Grand Moff Conway
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The Emperor is not the best at espionage. And even characters with a 150-200 diplomacy still fail to make the planets see reason from time to time. And when you're recruiting, the more Rebel sympathy the planet has then the harder it is to successfully recruit. But even when I have the Emperor on Corusant at the beginning of the game with 100% loyality to the Empire, he still fails a recruitment mission or two. But he is most def. no traitor.

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I dunno- didn't AdmiralToguroani have Mon Mothma as a traitor, once when he used RebED? Just saying...


Though Palpy is not supposed to be a traitor according to the game. :wink:


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the emperor cant betray his side. unless you change it with rebed of course

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Mon Mothma should just be shot.  period.  uptight, annoying, PC traitor

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I dunno- didn't AdmiralToguroani have Mon Mothma as a traitor, once when he used RebED? Just saying...

He changed a LOT when that happened.


Recruitment missions are never guaranteed to be succesfull, even if the system fully supports your side, there's no interference from the other side, and you're not using a traitor. Sometimes things just don't work out. You've got 30 characters on a side and 200 planets. What are the odds of one of those 30 not being in-system? You do the math.

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Recruitment is dependent on 2 things:

1) Planet Loyalty

2) Leadership ability



I typically make it a rule of thumb to recruit from planets with 100% loyalty. Otherwise the failure rate is too high.

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