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TC experiment in tactical view........


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Ok, we all want a much bigger tactic view for manuvering. Well, I've started to experiment to double the size of tactical view.


Basically, I've halved the weapon range of all ships so far and it does give you more manuver room. Cant say it's best to straight up halve the ship speed yet, but some downward adjustment is warrented for ships like the correllian gunship(speed 10), and perhaps fighters. Rather than a flat 50% adjustment probably good to experiment with some numbers that seem to fit.


Would also help to reduce model sizes 50% though, once all other changes in are in and seem to work well.


Only oddity that I've seen so far with adjusting weapon range down 50% is with fighters. If you cut them 50%, it's a funny effect. They will circle the craft under attack and only lightly attack it, as they are mostly out of range. You need to tell them to surround to fight it normally. However, the AI does not understand this so this would only be good for multiplayer games. But the fighters stay very close to the ships underattack and it looks better, imo.


Just posting this for something to play around with. It does seem to help give tactical a bigger feel as the default weapon ranges are just way to big, IMO.

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This are interesting effects.

Once i've experimented this thing : i've set the turbo lasers of an ISD to 10000 or 20000 but i didnt remember with wich recharge rate. Anyway, a single shot made dust an Mon Calamari :)

This effect i will use in my 4'th "Super TC" :) - will be the weapon of the Sovereign and Eclipse class.

An another thing i've experimented : u can adjust where to be the aliance's HQ. U have to set all sectors to be above low/less important - and u leave that sector unchanged, where are Yavin. U will find out, that the game in this case always will put the HQ in this sector, since this is the only one to be the most less important. Hhm, maybe even we can adjust the things, that the HQ be exactly on Yavin :)


I see u are online, would be better to talk online


MSN : antonius@spitalos.knet.ro

Yahoo MSN : santaantal@yahoo.com

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