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Rebellion Research info....


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In tweaking research lately have learned some things about it worth sharing. Please add anything you have noticed as well.


There are two components to research....


1)Passive Research - This happens with no active researchers. According to the manual passive research if a function of how many facilities you side controls. Each facility contributes to research in all areas.


2)Active Research - Each side has 2 characters that can research in each area. Plus an additional researcher that can do research in all three areas. If you want to modify research speed make the research number higher, to slow it down make them lower. The number determines the 'success' rate of each research message you get. With very high numbers you can burn through all the research in a couple hundred days.


Misc other things.......


a)Each item slot has some type of research number associated with it that's outside of rebedit. Not sure if this is hard coded in the game, or in a DAT/DLL somewhere.


b)Starting ships/troops/facitlies are hardcoded in game, so even if you make all items require research, the game start both sides off normally.


c)Related to item a(above) but the first few research levels go much quicker then later levels. Things start slowing down around lvl 10-12 for ships.


d)Rebedit has differing max ranges for each type, ships 0-20, facilities 0-100, troops 0-5. The numbers are for ordering only, research is tied to the next 'slot' to be researched. if you just complete a ship at lvl 10 and your next ship is at lvl 14, when the lvl 10 ship is done, the game starts on the lvl 14 ship. It does not have to research lvl 11, 12, 13 to get to 14. (was that clear?)



Well that's it off the top of my head, if you know or suspect other things please post them too.

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