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Total Victory


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Just finished a 744 day (Expert and Huge) campaign as the Rebs. Took Coruscant, controlled the entire core, captured Vader by day 500, then just took things easy doing recon and looking for Imperial systems out in the Rim, doing Diplomacy for inhabited Rim Systems, building fleets, colonizing. In the course of my conquest, I managed to capture every Imperial operative with the exception of Palpy himself.


But one of my Core sectors kept getting blockaded and bombarded by an intermediate size fleet (~6-8 Vics, a few Dreads, a few Carracks). I could never catch them, because they were striking from a hidden base and they kept hitting the Sector, trying to run me down in the only way they had available. So ultimately I did some Espionage and found out where they were arriving next, put a CC-7700 there along with a goodly sized fleet. Goodbye.


Anyway, around this point I had completed my Recon and had found only three Imperial systems in the Rim, all in one Sector, so I loaded up a quick, tiny fleet with my Han, Leia and Luke and some assorted combat personnel. Did a little espy, found out that Palpy was arriving in a months time. The three systems had no troops, no fighters, no construction, no training, no shipyards and only a few mines and refineries, which sabotage made short work of. When Palpy showed up unaccompanied--no fleet, no commandoes, nothing, Luke (who was just at Jedi Student Level) whipped his ass and the game was won.


I am assuming that from the extreme poverty of the Empire at this point--three systems, no mines, no refineries, that maintenence was in negatives and that any ships or troops that might have been in hyperspace would have immediately combusted into nothingness when they dropped out, but I'm fairly certain that the fleet I dusted was all they had left. Thusly the title of this post...Total Victory.[/i]

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