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Recommended edits using Rebed?


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Hello. As a new player to Rebellion, I'm wondering if anyone can offer me some advice on RebEd.


I would like to start a new game where the AI will pose a reasonable challenge, i.e. mainly launch missions against me and attack me using reasonable fleets.


Will the AI do this on its own on Hard difficulty, or can you recommend any changes using RebEd to make the AI put up a fight?


I'm finding myself wanting to play this game again after not really enjoying EmpireatWar, but the poor AI is putting me off a bit.


Admittedly the release of galciv2 is also interfering.

Theres only so many hours in the day for playing space strategy games!

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Lower the amount of minerals required for him to build things, and the maintainance points required to keep them if you want some big battles. Not just ships however, as the AI will build everything under the sun, including special forces, troops, fighters, ships, and facilities.


If you're really feeling gutsy, you can make their ships better. Increase their shields or shield recharge, mess with the weapon strength (but I suggest leaving the range alone). This will get halfway to your goal, the second part requires editing the AI value for those ships. If you don't, then the computer will run away even with their new super-ships. Because this isn't possible with Rebed, you need to download SWReditor. Run this one and play with the AI value... try and increase it to correctly match the changes you made to a ship (if you made the ship have 1.5 times better shields and weapons, then increase the value that much). I'd increase a ships stats by some sort of number, just helps to maintain the balance of the ship from before; so a ship that had relatively weak shields but good weapons will still be like that.

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