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Uber Jedi through cloning?


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I was thinking about midichlorians. They live in your cells and connect you to the force. Apparently they can be cloned, which is one of the reasons why clone Palpy was so powerful. They can also be passed down genetically, which is why Luke is powerful too. Knowing this, wouldn't it be feasible to grow a culture of people from the strongest force users in the galaxy? I'd get it this way:


In Star Wars: Galaxy of Fear, there was a clone of Vader. Grab his DNA.

Luke's could be picked up easily enough from the NR hospital.

Leia's and her children would be the same way.


Just keep doing this until you have a ton of midichlorian rich samples, then start cloning using whatever method Palpy was using on Byss, since Spaarti methods block the force somehow. Use whatever techniques was used on the Clonetroopers to inhibit their independence, then force them to breed a few times, selectively taking the strongest Jedi available.


You'd have at least 3 females to start this culture, Mara Jade clone, Leia clone and Jaina clone, but you could probably get Lady Luminara clone too if you tried hard enough. Grow, interbreed, euthanize, continue. Within a decade or so (since the growth is so fast and you'd only have to get them to about age 13-15 before you could breed them), you'd have at least one, probably several, Uber Jedi with an incredible amount of midichlorian power. It gets even better.


Star Wars tends to make clones inherit learned skills through genetics. Examples being Vader clone thinking he was a Sith Lord in Galaxy of Fear, C'Boaath thinking he was a Jedi master AND remembering his past, Luuke knowing how to use a lightsaber, etc. With this technique, its very likely that this uber-jedi would possess the "genetic memory" necessary to learn all the styles of lightsaber combat!


Knowing my luck, this has probably already happened in a Star Wars book or game, but the idea just hit me. I think it'd be a pretty good idea

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I believe this was already discussed somewhere :?

Who know what can be done through cloning but as Crystal Star proves it doesn't always work.




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It's not a bad idea. There was an attempt for an Uber Jedi in the NJO series - not a clone, but the son of one of the Emperor's cocubines - Roganda Ismaren. I don't think it stated who the father was, but its likely the son, Irek Ismaren, was Palpatine's. He trained in the Dark Side, his growth accelerated by the use of Imperial technology. He tapped into the power of the Force on Coruscant, unfortunately he was left with no memories or humanity.. only a deep instinct to claim the force powers. Luke and Mara, along with Tahiri, managed to kill him.


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I personally feel that midi chloreins were a really stpid idea... I like the idea of meditation controlling the force and such... Hippie Jedi. Peace out.


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He tapped into the power of the Force on Coruscant, unfortunately he was left with no memories or humanity.. only a deep instinct to claim the force powers.


He lost most of his memories when he took a lightsaber through the head and clinically died. :twisted:


He'd had a chip implanted in his brain when he was little that allowed him better mental control than somone of the same age normally would. When he 'died' his mother put his body in stasis and with the help of medical droids implanted increasingly sophisticated augmentation devices to assist in taking over the lost sections of the brain. Unfortunately Irek came out of stasis early due to groundquake damage from the Vong attack on Coruscant. He killed his mother and escaped the facility to wreak havoc on the city.


When he escaped he was missing almost all of the special programming that would have been transferred into the expanded implants. Artificial memory, personality algorithims, light saber techniques, communication, higher level judgement. And his physical attributes wern't quite up to what the 'finished' stage would have been.


Despite all of this he was still incredibly powerful.


EDIT: I did it again didn't I? I killed a thread.

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