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Urban Dead


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I was wondering if anyone else on the Rebellion forums played Urban Dead. The Zombie RPG.






EDIT: In other news...



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What's your contact in game so I can test out my Mobile phone?


I tend to hang out within 25AP's distance of Penny Heights because I know where the revive point is. :wink:


Cole Weston if you run into me. Up to level 8.

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To start off with you go here and click the Create a character button.



It's very simple to sign up for, you don't even need to give an e-mail address. (Of course then they cant send you the password if you forget it.)


For those starting off (like you Tofu) you want to be careful what class you pick. (If you go with Zombie I'm not even going to help you. :wink: )




*Civillian http://wiki.urbandead.com/index.php/Civilian

-Cop (Decent starting equipment)

-Firefighter (Best endurance class)



*Military http://wiki.urbandead.com/index.php/Military

-Private (Decent but relies too heavily on finding ammo)


-Scout (Starts with the valuable "Free Running" skill)


*Scientist http://wiki.urbandead.com/index.php/Scientist

-NecroTech Lab Assistant (

-Doctor (Not good for somone just starting out)



-Corpse (Has better hit ratio then a new zombie)

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If you wanted to see the largest protracted battle in the history of the game so far unfold at Caiger Mall, that might be motivation. :D


There's something like 2000 Humans Camping the mall and outbuildings with a roughly equal sized mob of zombies starting to lay seige.


The zombies have rallied and have been carrying out a "Mall Tour" for the past month.


With the objective to "to remove the Malls from fleshy hands, and to add a little proper fear of Zmobies back into Malton"


They've hit every mall on the map so far. (The wiped out the mall nearest me before I even realised it. There were just two days where there was a LOT of zombies arround then they tapered off.) Half the malls have already been retaken and fortified by the humans.


Only Caiger Mall is left.



Sitrep: 03/02/06, 0741 hours

"There are now over two hundred and fifty undead attacking the Hearn Building to the south, and another twenty or so attacking the NT building to the west. The rest of the mall is surrounded in a weak cordon of zombies. If you're planning to run, now's your last chance..."


-- Crane ; Level 27 Lone Gunman.


[edit]Sitrep: 03/02/06, 1705 hours

"I've based myself in the warehouse behind Caiger Mall, lacking the free-running skills that's displayed by many of my fellow survivors. In a failed attempt to improve my combat skill I was trapped outside when the barricades were strengthened before I could get back in, exhorted I was over run by the living dead. Fortunately I was soon revived by a passing survivor. Report filed lying on my back in pain, near Caiger Mall."


-- Dr Autonomous Smith; Level 2 Scientist.




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