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Problem with Republic Cruiser


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(One of the two ship files listed in the episode 2 era)


"The Accumulator-class cruiser is a troop transport used by the Galactic Republic to transport regiments of Clonetroopers into battle. The ships first saw combat on Geonosis, where they delivered Clonetroopers to the surface to battle the Seperatist forces. The ships later became the basis for the Invincible-class cruiser and Victory-class Star Destroyer.


Source: starwars.com and a bit of creativity ;)"


Yea I downloaded it... but it's just the Republic Cruiser from the episode one section, that freighter/transport type.


Does anyone have an accumulator class card or do I have to make it? :(

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Do you mean the Acclamator



or the Venator?


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Yes I meant the Acclamator, but since the card is spelled wrong, I figured I'd spell it wrong too so people had a better idea of what I was talking about.


Republic Cruiser (Republic Cruiser.rsc , 58 KB, 2002-07-04 19:34:59) - Imperial

by shagvenger


http://www.swrebellion.com/modules.php?name=Cards&op=getit&filename=Republic Cruiser.rsc


It's one of two ships listed as .rsc files for episode two in the card archieve on this site... or did I miss something?


Is the Venator a listed card somewhere on this site?

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I have...kind of. It will be released...SOON!

"Someday, somebody will best me. But it's not today, and it's not you"-DD


Grand Admirl Thrawn

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