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RR character - Empire finalist:


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Kara Nessis (Lieutenant Commander)



Petite pale complected woman with brown hair and icy blue eyes. She defy's regulation length of hair (Which means her hair is about shoulder length) and often wears the bdu of Imperial intellgience instead of the formal uniform common to base personnel.



Born on the impoverished and rough world of Nar Shadaa, Kara learned to fight to survive and developed a deep resentment for criminals and smugglers. At the age of twelve she smuggled herself off the world to more civilized worlds. There she began working as a navigator apprentice and began looking for a way to get back at the smuggling cartels.

The opportunity presented itself when she was conscripted by imperial authorities and given a choice of her branch of service. She embraced a new career as a part of the Ubiqtorate Intelligence Apparatus. There her talents in memorization, inovation, and initiative which she developed served her well and propelled her to greater heights.

Now as a Lieutenant Commander she oversees her own intelligence outpost on the outer rim.


Leadership: 60 (30)

Combat: 60 (30)

Espionage: 90 (30)

Diplomacy: 30 (30)

Force: None (30% chance)


Admiral: No

General: No

Commander: Yes



She is definetly the winner for the Imperials. Whoever summoned her, congrats! :D


Now, it's time to boost up her a bit. Feel free to make comments add suggestions on her character and story.


First thing I want to see altered is her name :)

It sounds too much like this:


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Um... I didn't even think fo that Bajoran when I wrote her up... I was more thinking along the lines of Star Wars names. Just think:


Lara Nostil

Mara Jade

Kara Nessis


It seems to think from my point of view.

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Sara Nostril...



Highly creepy


... *Shoots TK421*... *wanders away to continue the four ****ing hour Florida DMV drug and alcohal test to get his permit*


Nu kyr'adyc, shi taab'echaaj'la

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Umm okay. This is going to be harder than I thought.


I would still like to see some new name suggestions. Kara Nessis does fit well with SW, still I think we should avoid familiar soundings.


And of course a casting call is evident. So please link in images that you think it's the best appearence for her. If you have any women in mind (celebrity or not) please let us know!


Warning: any spamming in this topic will be deleted, I'm serious about our Reloaded project, please be kind and don't force me to do that.

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I just looked Ms. Knightley up on Google and I think thats a good idea, Mad. She's got the right hair length and looks petite enough. Maybe her hair should be darkened a couple shades though--perhaps to a dark brown. As it is, its a little close to Daala's hair color.
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Yeah, Kara Nostril … errr .. Nessis :lol:. Sounds good and Keira Knightley has already appeared as a SW char (a handmaiden in EPI).




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And that's why she was the handmaiden that doubled as the Queen :)

Pretty much her career break was Episode 1


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