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RR character - New Republic finalists:


Who shall be in Reloaded?  

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  1. 1. Who shall be in Reloaded?

    • General Ferrion Caxo
    • Daith Ranar

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General Ferrion Caxo



Male Human



Ferrion was the Imperial base commander on Coruscant when it fell to the New Republic. A Rebel sympathiser for years, he, and those under his command, defected at the time the Rebellion attacked Coruscant, helping them to conquer the planet more easily. Well respected by his troops, General Caxo was a loyal imperial until he was forced as a Colonel to slay several hundred civilians who were thought by Vader to be rebel spies. The final straw that brought him to the Rebellion was the mysterious dissapearance of his sisteer and her family on coruscant monthes before his assignment to that position. She had been a senator, but she had supported Palpatine in his rise to power. During his personal infvestigation, all he could finds out was that her neighbors had seen red-claoked Royal Guards at her house, and after that, none in her family had been heard from since. All questions to authorities came back negative. General Caxo is adept at defense and ferreting out spies and interlopers. He was also a key figure in the adaptation of the AT-ST walkers from the older models used during the Clone Campaigns, 20 years earlier. His unswerving loyalty to the New Republic, and insights into the inner workings of the Imperial Army have earned him a place of respect in the Alliance Military.


Leadership: 90 (10)

Espionage: 60 (30)

Combat: 60(30)

Diplomacy: 0 (30)


Admiral: Yes

General: Yes

Commander: Yes




Daith Ranar



Species: Adult Human Male

Height: 1.8 meters

Hair color: Jet Black

Eyes: Ice Blue



Daith Ranar was once a young, popular, well trained high potential Imperial Admiral with a knack for using lesser forces to defeat superior opponents who served aboard the newly commissioned highly secret ImpStar Deuce Dark Invader, which was used to protect a highly secret TIE Defender production facility. He used a highly advanced state-of-the-art communications system to monitor the goings on in the Empire. When Thrawn took command, Admiral Ranar was one of the first to know. He researched Thrawn, and the what little he could gather indicated that Thrawn was a power-mad incredibly powerful military strategist. But when the Victory Class Star Destroyer Black Remora, serving alongside the Dark Invader returned to Imperila space seeking Thrawn, it was ambushed and destroyed for an unknown reason. Daith hypothesized that Thrawn thought he was on the Black Remora and was probably right. he convinced his crew to change sides, but on their way out system, the local base commander decided to disagree with Raith's decision and launched three full wings of TIE Defenders at Raith's ship. Raith was eventually forced to abandon his ship and flee with most of his crew in hyperdrive-equiped shuttles to the nearest New Republic planet, leaving behind the Dark Invader to crash into the Imperial base. Raith only hopes that none of the TIE pilots managed to escape.


Leadership: 90 (20)

Combat: 80 (20)

Espionage: 40 (10)

Diplomacy: 63 (10)

Force: 10% chance.


Admiral: yes

General: no

Commander: yes

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until he was forced as a Colonel to slay several hundred civilians who were thought by Vader to be rebel spies

So, all of those hundred were spies? That is some massive number.

Z'anthr saves the world. Sorry about the mess...
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I voted Caxo as well.


After re-reading both stories, I found that I rather disliked Ranar's story and enjoyed the background of Caxo (perhaps a few things might be changed, such as his sister being a senator and being killed by the Empire - which seems pretty much like a combination of a lot of other cliche character backgrounds).




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Hmm... I actually have semi-dark hair... When I wet it it turns black... Mayhaps I could send in a picture and it could be shaped accordingly? I look old for my age, though more likely in my late teens to early twenties rather than 35-40 range... Just a thought... And a plot to get myself into reloaded seeing as both of my characters failled to get their feet in the door...


Nu kyr'adyc, shi taab'echaaj'la

Not gone, merely marching far away

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I voted way back at the beginning: Daith Ranar


My idea for the picture on the card would be Sergeant Todd (Kurt Russell in the move "Soldier"). Clean cut with a scar on his face; good movie also!

Finally, after years of hard work I am the Supreme Sith Warlord! Muwhahahaha!! What?? What do you mean "there's only two of us"?
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