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Hey. I'm just posting this so that if this guy ever gets serious about this in th future and decided to come back here, a thread's alread to go. :D (And maybe he'll stop PM'ing and and post on the forum.)


From: KarrMcDebt

To: Defender_16

Subject: Wow!!! I mean WOW!!!

I just got to haveing an idea about modding rebellion. I was just looking to change planet names and sector names to match the Freeworlds 1.66 mod for microsoft Freelancer in an attempt to run a role play bridge between the two game engines.


I have to say WOW!! I've done a little modding, but I'm completely blown away on what you've accomplished. I'd like to help out. I'd have to admit that I've have very little modding experience. But I'd do what I can.


Karr McDebt


Here's my forum address for the game engine bridge idea.







From: KarrMcDebt

To: Defender_16

Subject: Re: Wow!!! I mean WOW!!!



Hi, My name is Chris. I go by Karr McDebt.


I came to this forum looking for a way to mod Rebellion to match A TC mod for Freelancer called Freeworlds (its all starwars and we happen to play in the new jedi order eara.)


Right now we are facing the beging of attacks against the Yuuhzan Vong.

They have taken over Tatooine and Kessel sectors (which are right next door to each other in Freeworlds).


I was looking to use Rebellion to controll the Command and Tactical part of our Role Play. (Freeworlds is mostly space combat.) and was thinking of using Battlefront to controll the ground combat.


I've since figured out how to change the sector names and planet names, so I think I can even pull it off. (although I forgot that there could only be two real sides, so that will limit my plan a little.)


Your mod (when complete) would work well with the universe I'm working towards. I'd like to volunteer to help out, but I am a beginner and not sure what I could do.

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