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for some awkward reason,geocities upload says "invalid filename" so you can find the reb file inside a zip archive

at: http://www.geocities.com/ihl_lucian/real.zip

sorry for the inconvenience


As for the weapons strengths ,i copied them exactly as they appeared on swcombine game,say for a SSD:250 heavy lasers(antifighters),250 turbolasers,250 ion cannons,250 plasma projectiles(no room in the game ,unfortunatley)

for a CCorvette:4-0-4 on all 4 arcs


The costs are represented:1 point=100000 credits

so one SSD costs 178M credits=1780 points

one TIE fighter=23k credits =0,23 points*12 (squadron size)=3 points

one X-wing=109k credits =1 point*12=12 points

one At-AT= 662000 credits= 6,62 points*10(regiment size)= 66 points


Also,small modifications on facilities:

one Space Shipyard=100/10 points

Barracks,Construction Yard=1 or 2 points(adv version)

mine,refinery=10 points

(in a real world you will have room to spare on your starships,troop training is hard,because you don't build a 2 m-high Human,you're training him,and you'll have countless more barracks than orbital shipyards)


All maintaince points are equal to 1 for troops(food doesn't cost much) but are equal with building costs for special troops,fighters and half-cost for ships.


I'm currently working on Planetary defenses strenghts,it's quite ridiculuos to think that one cannon may destroy a 18-km long ship in a single blast ,but anyway:) it's more ridiculous to be able to control one planet with 2 stormtropers regiments ;and that planet is not able to support these troops by its own production.


Fighters are now essential,as they have 2 strength in laser ,making 24 for the whole squadron (compared with 4 -0-4 for the corvette is a real plus) ;but the big ships have thousand of shield and hull strength points,much like in the real world.


The rebel ships are smaller than the Imperial ones,making sabotage missions essential


Also,because of high troop cost(10 times more) holding planets is essential.And diplomacy too.You can no longer conquer one galactic sector in a week:))


And there are hundreds and hundreds of spare room for fighters and troops on ships;no longer be ridiculously constrained by having big ships ,but with no room for fighters.(and with turbolasers,but not regular heavy lasers)

Have fun,make sugesstions ,please!

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