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For those interested in real starship specs (as well as fighter and troop specs),I've made a simple .reb file,which can be downloaded from:



All specs are taken from swcombine.com,an excellent site.Unfortunately it didn't had ships for all SWR models,so only these models are available,the rest are unmodified and accesible only at Research level 20(the max,I wanted 100 to be sure,but that's fine too)



Super star destroyer

Imperial star destroyer

victory star destroyer


interdictor cruiser(may be built by both sides for gameplay balance)

escort cruiser(same as above)

carrack light cruiser c

Lancer Frigate



Mon Calamari

Bulk Cruiser


Nebulon-B Frigate

Corellian Corvette

Corellian Gunship


Because of the vast quantity of storage space present on most ships,impressive ammounts of troops(1000 m3 per unit) and fighters(500 m3 per unit,not squadron!) may be carried.Limitations are present on super Star destroyer(32k hull instead of 100k;100/100 space instead of 900/450) and Mon Calamari(at a lower degree)


Also,fighters have been scaled down (in power speaking,of course) and now they can move as mad bees across the small cube! (because all ships and fighters have rougly increased 10 times their sublight speed)

Hyperdrive equivalence:

1- 80





(No more behemoth dancing in a jewel store for large ships!)

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for some awkward reason,geocities upload says "invalid filename" so you can find the reb file inside a zip archive

at: http://www.geocities.com/ihl_lucian/real.zip

sorry for the inconvenience


As for the weapons strengths ,i copied them exactly as they appeared on swcombine game,say for a SSD:250 heavy lasers(antifighters),250 turbolasers,250 ion cannons,250 plasma projectiles(no room in the game ,unfortunatley)

for a CCorvette:4-0-4 on all 4 arcs


The costs are represented:1 point=100000 credits

so one SSD costs 178M credits=1780 points

one TIE fighter=23k credits =0,23 points*12 (squadron size)=3 points

one X-wing=109k credits =1 point*12=12 points

one At-AT= 662000 credits= 6,62 points*10(regiment size)= 66 points


Also,small modifications on facilities:

one Space Shipyard=100/10 points

Barracks,Construction Yard=1 or 2 points(adv version)

mine,refinery=10 points

(in a real world you will have room to spare on your starships,troop training is hard,because you don't build a 2 m-high Human,you're training him,and you'll have countless more barracks than orbital shipyards)


All maintaince points are equal to 1 for troops(food doesn't cost much) but are equal with building costs for special troops,fighters and half-cost for ships.


I'm currently working on Planetary defenses strenghts,it's quite ridiculuos to think that one cannon may destroy a 18-km long ship in a single blast ,but anyway:) it's more ridiculous to be able to control one planet with 2 stormtropers regiments ;and that planet is not able to support these troops by its own production.


Fighters are now essential,as they have 2 strength in laser ,making 24 for the whole squadron (compared with 4 -0-4 for the corvette is a real plus) ;but the big ships have thousand of shield and hull strength points,much like in the real world.


The rebel ships are smaller than the Imperial ones,making sabotage missions essential


Also,because of high troop cost(10 times more) holding planets is essential.And diplomacy too.You can no longer conquer one galactic sector in a week:))


And there are hundreds and hundreds of spare room for fighters and troops on ships;no longer be ridiculously constrained by having big ships ,but with no room for fighters.(and with turbolasers,but not regular heavy lasers)

Have fun,make sugesstions ,please!


..also:shields are now 5000 and 10000 points,respectively,and their cost is 120 and 200 points

maintaince remained the same(how much does it cost to maintain a fix facility in which no one ever enter?)

the cannons have been upgraded also and their cost augmented 10 times,same for the Death Star Shield

..now a Planetary Magnetic Shield costs roughly as a new ISD,I think that's realistic;also,it is cheaper to send plasma towards enemy ships than to protect yourself from plasma projectiles:))

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now all sectors are in their respective parts of the galaxy,outer rim is not colonized,for playing balance(it was to easy for the empire to defeat the rebels)

sector importance in the core is high ,in the outer rim is low-medium,alternative ,beginning with Sumitra ,which is low by default.(Yavin)

Playing now in a small galaxy will have some problems for the Empire,as it may begin the game with negative maintenance points.But conquering always helps.

The game is now set to be historically accurate,balanced and realistic.

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Well,I've seen that it takes an awful long time to destroy starships in tactical combat,nevertheless,a force made of one ISD,one Dreadnought and one VSD completely obliterated 19 Rebel ships!(after temporarily applying gravity wells on ISD,of course:),composed of 4-5 Bulk Cruseirs(very hard to kill,have 12000 points of hull strength) ,4-5 Escort Carriers and a lot of Corvettes.My force also had about 50 TIE fighter squadrons...and they destroyed the capital ships,actually,after taking care of 20 X-Wing squadrons.


After some extensive research on swcombine,I saw that a Rebel tank has a price of 112000 credits(that means 1 point) and an attack strength of 3 (defense:ion capacity:300 ,that means 3 points) ,while an AT-AT costs 662000 credits and has a strength of 4/8 .A Regiment is made of 10 battle units,both in power and space occupied on starships(10000 cubic metres)

,so one Imperial Army Regiment has a cost of 60,maintenance 1(food and parts are cheap,not compared with fuel for fighters and starships) ,attack strength 40,defense 80,while the Rebels have: 11 (1,1*10)/30/30;All detection ratings are now 100 on all regular troops


The price of special troops have been reduced to normal levels:

(one X-wing costs 1 point,one TIE 0,23 because of shield and hyperdrive cost,so it makes sense for an Imperial Scout Droid to cost 1/1 points,also price of spies and commando units is small also)


Now starships have all heavy laser cannons(anti-fighters) on port and starboard,nearly no protection in the rear(where the engines are located) ,and turbolasers and ion cannons are firing forward(as it should be) ,only the Death Star has the same ratings on all sides


The game is quite exciting now:very long battles,very agile ships,Wings move very quickly across the galaxy (not waiting 100 days for Luke to get from Yavin to Dagobah) ,fighters are essential,troops are very expensive,you have to have a lot of barracks and only a couple of orbital shipyards,you have to station on each planet 6 TIE squadrons,and as for the game balance:


We are not living in a fair world.Life is not fair.Therefore many will argue that it's more easy for the Galactic Empire to win the game(but hey!it's an empire!) .On the other hand Rebel troops cost 1/3-1/2 of the Imperial ones,at the same levels of performance,Wings are 4 times more expensive than TIEs,(but they are easy scouts) ,Rebels begin the game with poor ships(but gain the MonCal,which is compared to SSD,quicker than the Imperials) ,but make in mobility,cloak and dagger and speed,as well as low cost of troops(which means quicker expansion)

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The Imperial fleet,composed of 1 SSD,several ISDs and more VSDs,comes out of Hyperspace in the Hoth system.

Commander reports to Lord Vader:

-We have detected an energy shield protecting a small region from the third planet.The shield is strong enough to deflect any bombardment

(so...shield strengths are now 5000 and 10000,for the Gencore 2)

...after that,the Ion Cannon fires several voleys of plasma to a nearby ISD,disabling it with a single shot..

(so Ion Cannon has a 20000 strength,and Plasma Cannons have 8000 and 32000,for the advanced type;that's enough to destroy a Mon Cal Home One or an SSD in one turn)

Why are the shield strengths so low and their price so high when compared to LNR and KDY? Because it's simpler to attack with plasma volleys than to protect an entire planet in an energy shield!

One Gencore 1 takes..240 days to build with a single Construction Yard(but the price of the yard is just 1 point) ,one LNR..140 days I think,and one Ion Cannon..80 days.No more rulling entire sectors with a couple of ships and/or special characters(because of the 100 sensor rating for all regiments) ! Now you have to conquer system by system,with heavy losses sometimes,other times simply abandoning the idea of ruling some systems.

How do you conquer Coruscant or the Alliance HQ?Well,be quick or pay the price.

The price of shields are compared with prices of strong starships:one ISD costs 170,while one regular shield 120.

Starship prices increase dramatically when pushing towards performance:

one Mon Calamari cruiser costs 500/400 ,while one SSD :1780/?,and their attack strength is:

120/46/0 --- 250/250/250

compared with ISD: 80/40/0 or the VSD:120/0/0(which costs just 100)

Also their hull strength is several times larger:100k for the SSD,compared with 5,5k for the VSD and 10k for the ISD;

Shields:80k for the SSD,5k for the ISD,3k for the VSD


But your best bet are the fighters:in a normal fleet you will have 2-300 fighters,10-20 small ships,several ISDs,one SSD.

Also,there's a bug in the game:last time I protected my Death Star with 236 TIE squadrons and the computer said in the tactical combat:

"We do not have enough fighters to adequatelly shield the Death Star.The Rebels may launch an attack"

and ,of course the Rebels had just 20-30 squadrons.

With the new 13-13-13 [roduction facilities on Coruscant you may now build a Death Star in 145 days and 100 TIE squadrons in 14-15 days.

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now ,with reluctance,all defense fac have been adjusted to corespond to real values:

cost 3-4-5,maintenance 1,exception:death star shield,cost 25/1 ,shield strength 2000,bomb mod 8

all the other shields have now 250-500 power and a bomb mod of 2,3 or 4

planetary guns have weapon strengths of hundreds(2-4)

Surprisingly,after extensive play testing,it has been revealed that that's enough to sustain bombardment form the Death Star!(as well as 2ISDs) !!!

(having 2 adv shields,that's it).No one gets hurt when bombarding,just the small ships.This is realistic.No one will expect an inexpensive cannon designed to protect an area equal to a small town to blow up starships,miles long and wide.

I feel that now my mod is complete and ready to play.

No other improvements will be made.

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(note:some of the entries in the encytxt.dll are hexa and could not modify them)

If you'll take a simple F-15 and add it the capability to fly through space,its cost will probably increase from 60 mln $ to the price of a Stealth fighter: 230 mil $:that's 0,23 points.So 1 point roughly equals 1 bln $. If you'll continue to add magnetic fields and supralight speed,you'll end up paying 1 bln $ per one unit.That's an X-Wing.


But if you need colonies in other star system,you'll probably pay at least 10 bln $per each colonization vessel.So our world may produce 4300 new star colonies per year!(however our goals are much more modest:just 1 new planet per year)


Super Star Destroyer:

Price 1.78 trillion $

Maintenance:900 bln $

Shields: 10000



250 heavy lasers

250 plasma projectors(or disintegrators or turbolasers)

250 torpedoes

250 ion cannons


90 squadrons of 120 TIEs each

45 troop regiments:100 units each


Imperial Star Destroyer:

Price:170 bln $

Maintenance:90 bln $




80 turbolasers

40 ion cannons


4 squadrons

2 troop regiments


Corellian Corvette:

Price:18 bln $

Maintenance:9 bln $




4 turbolasers

4 heavy lasers

Cargo:just food and supplies for the crew


X-Wing:(one unit)

Price 1 bln $

Maint:1 bln $



4 laser cannons

2 torpedoes

4 shield strength


GenCore level 1:

Price 5 bln $

Maint 1 bln $



Sadly I had to increase squadron sizes to 120 in order to corectly display the diff between SSD and ISD.Also,troops have remained unchanged for the same 100 limit.

The Death Star now costs 20 trillion $ and its maint is 5 tril $ ,weapons:

3000 turbolasers,5000 ion cannons,10000 lasers on all 4 arcs!


Maybe you noticed that all hulls and shields for starships have been reduced ten times in order to corectly display differences(and to end quickly the endless tactical combat!)

This makes fighters especially important:without them ,you cannot bombard planets,and for sabotage missions you need tens of spec forces(which are fortunately very cheap),because of high detection ratings.

The weak and cheap planetary installations are very good at deflecting normal bombardment,even with the Death Star!

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How does an X-wing cost 1 billion? A TIE Defender costs 300,000, and its better than an X-wing. Also, I'm not entirely certain that 1 credit lines up with 1 USD, 1 Euro, 1 yen, or any real life currency.
Count Dooku is the strongest Star Wars character as depicted in the movies. All hail Christopher Lee.
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Well,hyperdrive and shields tend to cost a lot.And I'm not sure that a TIE defender only costs 0.3 points,let me see..

A TIE defender squadron costs 16 points,that means one unit costs more than 1 point,so its more expensive than a X-wing Squadron by 25%.

As for the dollar-credit-point convergency,I tried to explain myself and translate into real life on Earth,does not have impact on the game itself.

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Woah hold up there.


Corellian Corvettes sell in the 8-15 Million Credit range depending on the type of upgrades. I think new A-wings cost just over or arround 100,000 credits. I think Tycho bought 5 used Z-95's on Coruscant for 75,000 about.


Dangit. I can't seem to find the resource site were were using to find stats to put in Galactic Civil War.

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