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the Second Galactic Empire mod


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The year is 22794 after the First Galactic War and the Second Galactic Empire has to be rebuild from the city of Sarmis-Zeget-Usa

The third version of Death Star is more deadly than ever before,featuring:

1.3000 km radius and 50 km thick armor,(has the size of the Moon..actually IT IS the moon)

2.3 shield installments,one being Mark X Magnetic shield for planetary projection,the other two being Mark XII Magnetic shield for station prtotection

3.internal storage for 2000 destroyers (or 300super star destroyers) and nearly 1 billion troops(extra supplies lower this number)

4.3000 turbolasers,5000 ion canons and 10000 laser canons to counter the fighters,being designed to resist to 3 galactic sectors fleet attack

5. hyperdrive setting:50(a quarter of light speed),more precisely 26%,just 23 tested

6.gravity well projector (attracts vessels and space debris in order to conceal its presence)

7.remote terran control at 45 degrees north,23 degrees east


This mod is largely based on the Protectorate mod ,with significant modifications:

1.the rate of all mines and refineries has been increased to 1

2.the rate of all production facilities has been increased to 2 and 1 ,for the advanced type

3.now Ramania sector lies in the center of the galaxy,surrounded by 6 sectors(all center ones,plus Modell) ,the distances between sectors has been increased and the shape is now loosely round

4.all names have been changed in order to accomodate realities from Earth and surrounding space sectors

5.Sarmis-Zeget-Usa(former Coruscant) has now 15 adv facilities in each type ,2 adv shields,1 LNR ,1 Death Star Shield(in order to simulate the space shield protection) ,while the Rebel base has 5-1-3 S/T/C adv facilities and it's protected by 2 adv shields ,1 LNR and 1 Ion Cannon

6.all planets are now Colonised! each party begins with rougly 3000 maintenance points for the large galaxy game

7.nearly all characters have some research capability

8.other minor modifications to ships


Now...because of the ridiculuos rate of Death Star being destructed in tactical combat(not strategic one,hopefully),these changes have been made to the station,while increasing the production cost to 2000/500


The mod includes a Rebed file and a new Texstrat.dll file ,which will be posted in a link leading to a .zip archive once I will complete the modifications [/code]

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Honesty and Justice!

Justice in Brotherhood!

Ahor Alcor!


I have uploaded on my site:




the archive containing the modified textstrat.dll(don't forget to save your original one!) and the second galactic empire.reb file

have fun! and please make some suggestions!

the game was not tested on small and medium galaxies games

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Just wondering, but is the Death Star in your mod overwrite the Death Star in the original version? If so, then all those enhancements you made to it don't matter, as the DS is ALWAYS immune to capital ship attacks, can never use any weapons other than its main laser, and is vulnerable to fighter attacks.


Of course, if you actually made a Death Star model and put it in the game as a regular ship, then I pity the poor rebels.

Count Dooku is the strongest Star Wars character as depicted in the movies. All hail Christopher Lee.
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Yes,my Death Star overides the original one and yes! it's vulnerable in tactical combat,but on bombarding planets ,carrying 100/100 troops and strategic combat,it's most precious(my precious,my little baby!)

Anyway,i've included the big tactical.dll and encytxt.dll and textcomm.dll in the archive,it has the same name and location ,as well as a save game for playing as the second Galactic Empire and having a little baby just 200 days into the game!(of course,for game balance,I've removed all garisones,so now the Galactic Convent controls 19 sectors!)

Remember to place your save game in the save game diractory and to load ,using RebED the second galactic empire file.Then play

I've tried to play as the Rebels and ,well ,the Computer is incredibly stupid! in 1000 days,just 4 planets were invaded,no Death Star was built and my HQ was in no danger,even if my main fleet was checking on the Empire HQ for a Moon station!

I tried then to raise the AI value for Death Star III to 1000! but didn't worked ,sorry.I think the game was purposly made "small" with slow mines and refineries,roll dice on production on each day ,very few ships,and just 6 sectors with mines and refineries,in order to give the AI time to implement its algorithms.

But this is A Galactic Empire! for God sake!

Battles should take place between hundreds of ships,not 1-on-1 like the old Civ(even the fouth variant) (and no,the 256-item limit will not be charged,there are only 25000 maintenance points in the whole Galaxy! enough for making 1000 small ships,but not at once ,of course)

Game balancing does not mean Identity! just change pics and everything's fine.It means that one side may be very strong technologically,but with poor resources,other very strong economically,other politically,having lots of allies and so on

And ,after all,no strategy game is truly balanced!For instance ,here,is you attack and liberate one Imperial planet in each sector,the entire sector will turn on to you! As the Empire,your fleet is much stronger and you can conquer system after system with no fear of retaliation early on.Many of my games in my original conf ended i the first 200 days

But now I decided that the Galaxy should be bigger,so I modified all sectors to give them "high" i portance,making them "colonized" from the beginning.

In front of the AI is very easy to win by playing each side.

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