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Underdogs in War


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Wedge Antilles, hero of the Rebellion recently sent to command a small provisional force over Dantooine. He had been as surprised as anyone when High Command had given him the rank of commander and put him in command of the new Rouge Squadron. Yet he was even more surprised when they ordered him way out to Danooine to take control over his procisional force consisting of the Corulit, a Nebulan-B Frigate, 8 X-Wing Squadrons from the surface, and 2 Y-Wing squadrons stationed on Corulit his command ship. Either they wanted to get rid of him, or something big was about to go down. He didnt really care, he had his orders and he would follow them.


Of course it did mean tha... His thinking was inturrupted by the wail of a proximity alarm. He looked at the sensor board and realized what it was for, an Imperial Star Destroyer and a ship with an unknown profile had come out of hyperspace 5km ahead. The unknown was frigate size and appeared slim with a upward lifting bridge, doubtless it was going to help the Imperials much or they wouldnt have brought it out here.


He signaled for all fighters to scramble, and then ordered his own ship into battle readiness. When the fighters were in position the enemy ships were already within 2km of Wedges command ship. He ordered 2 X-Wing and 1 Y-Wing squadrons to attack the unknown vessel and told the rest to get ready for TIE hunting. His own vessel he ordered to keep a 1km distance from the Star Destroyer and pound it with its longer ranged weapondry.


The X-Wings had just gotten in range of the unknown when it opened fire and completly obliterated all of them. The remaining Y-Wings joined up with their fellows and began their runs on the ISD. His ship opened up and he ordered it to move as close as it could and engage the unknown at point-blank range. As the unknown began to open up its relativly weak weapondry he watched as the ISD methotically destroyed his fighters then he ordered his ships to retreat. Then his ship wondored into the ISDs range, two volleys and Wedge Antilles legacy was lost forever. The remaining fighters tried valiently to ramp up into hyperspace but where destroyed by the unknown ship.

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Nice sig, Mith. I'm gonna go with the lancer was our 'unknown' ship if I may be so stupid as to feign ignorance? One Lancer wouldn't kill six squadrons, though. Unless our unknown ship is more unknown than we think 8O


Nu kyr'adyc, shi taab'echaaj'la

Not gone, merely marching far away

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Thanks, Tofu.


I also got the impression the unknown ship was a Lancer...kinda makes you wonder how many/what kind of fighters the Empire had.

Chaos, Panic, Disorder, Destruction.....

My work here is done.


Grand AKmiral

Commander-in-Chief of BEAK Forces


"To BEAK is Divine!"

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i enjoyed reading that story thank you ... reminds me of the book im reading X-wing the first bnook rouge sqdren take place after the battle of endor its the new rouge sqdren really good book and it shows wedges personalty as well as others:D
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