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Alright, a new guy here trying to catch up. I got Rebellion years and years ago (back when it had "amazing" graphics). I've been playing it off and on ever since, and just happened to wander into this place. NO IDEA there was this kind of community still going.


So just some basic questions on the Reloaded project that I failed to pick up from previous posts


1) How long have you guys been working on it?


2) What would a ROUGH estimate be on the completion (like in a percent)? I gather its rather far along, with all the GUI work you've done and judging from the screenshots. Close to a pre-alpha, or more like 'well, it looks good, now we need to finish the features and make it stop crashing whenever I sneeze'? And I realize its done when its done, I'm not looking for a date. Just what has already been accomplished.


3) How can I help?


To clarify that last one, I would fail misserably with the voice acting on all but perhaps the last one (the imperial officer). I'm in the process of obtaining a mic, and then you can judge. Assuming this character is still in need of a voice, that is.


My thought of where I could be most useful is in testing. I've beta tested for several games already (Spidweb Software titles, classic RPG style). While technically not a new game, it sounds like its been modified enough that it will need plenty of testing. I'd do fine with loosing saved games, resetting 50+ times a day, and most importantly, TRACKING DOWN BUGS. So when this project reaches a point where you need some additional testers, feel free to call on me. I'm unfortunately terrible with graphics, so no help there, and my current programming skills are... shall we say, lacking (though I'm working on it, give me some time). So this and the voice is probably the only help I can be, unless you need writing for story/encyclopedia/FAQ/whatever.


So, um, yeah. If you feel like there's something else important here I need to know and might have missed, then feel free to mention it (unless it'll get the mods mad for wrong subforum, anyway). If you wish to ask me something or get me to test, try me at masterxan @ burntmail.com for the quickest responce.


Edit: Just thought I'd mention, time is something I have, Rebellion is a game I like, and if you don't believe I've tested before go look at the credits (I'm in a few of them, http://www.spidweb.com).

Star Wars: Rebellion, A Field Manual

"O be wise, what can I say more?"

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