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Hunting for certain Ship cards


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Hello all,


I was wondering if anybody had cards for the following:


1) Serenity (Firefly class)


2) Defender Class Star Destroyer (Newer Version than the two in the Database)


3) Ranger Class Gunship


4) Belarus Class Medium Strike Cruiser



Gentlemen, behold my latest invention, the Rabbot! -- Dr. Weird

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Hmm, seeing as I made the last three I guess I should make 'em . . . soon . . . maybe :roll:


Ah, if anyone wants to make them for me - I can supply images :)




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As a Firefly fan, I would suggest stats like these for the Firefly


No Weapons. This is a transport ship and carries no weapons. If it must have weapons, it would be 10 turbolasers on the front end (to simulate the movie).


Medium level shields, probably 250 or 300, with high damage control. Probably greater than the Mon Cal Cruiser's.


It would be a slow ship in subspace, but with high maneuverability.


No fighters, but 4 or so troop capacity. If they can hold a large herd of cows, they can hold troops.


Treat this ship like the Bulk Transport, but with greater defense.

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I had close to the same thoughts for the stats on the firefly, but with a medium to high speed because serenity always out ran alliance ships on the show. I do agree with no weapons because it just doesn't seem right for the ship except in the case of the movie. I did actually create a card, but always have trouble uploading them to the site. I also managed to make cards for the following ships:


1)Defender Class Star Destroyer


2) Serenity (Firefly)


3)Viscount Star Defender


They are not perfect, but get the job done. I would however still like some other cards of the ships in my first post just so I have backups or replacements.

Gentlemen, behold my latest invention, the Rabbot! -- Dr. Weird

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Heh I was kinda surprised when I never found a FireFly class ship listed in the card selection here, but it's nice to see someone out there has it. As for the stats, it would seem to me that it would fit pretty well into the idea of what a YT-1300 transport might be (Millenium Falcon) but as you mentioned, with no guns.


I asked about trying to get the card upload process fixed so hopefully the site admin's will get it working and you'll share that FireFly design with everyone else. :)

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Actually now that I think about it... it's pretty hard to fit a weaponless capital ship into this game (except for the obvious reason of troop or personnel transporting) but wouldn't it be neat to do the characters from the FireFly show.... heheh. Would be something I don't think I'd mind doing.


General Malcolm Reynolds... I like the sound of that. Would be a great idea for a TC to make a FireFly universe version of Alliance vs Independants. Sadly there practially no information about that war, so good luck coming up with enough ships and personel, heh.

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