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Greetings, modding community, and Happy New Year! I'm JPCJedi, a 20-yr-old college student who's been playing rebellion for roughly five years, and modding with RebEd for three. I have found this site to be a treasure trove, and I've enjoyed downloading star trek cards, expanded universe characters, and learning how to put myself and my friends into the game.


One of the ways I play with RebEd is fudging the Tac-mode numbers of all the star ships and starfighters. My big gripes with the unaltered game are that Tac mode was so slow and placid and tactics really don't count, since whoever has fewer ships runs scared. So I've experimented with supercharging fighters so that they can divebomb star destroyers in a single pass and (most successfully) cranking up the weapon recharge numbers so that the capital ships can really have shoot-outs. If anybody knows of some threads that discuss fudging numbers like this, please throw me a link.


I'm also surprised from a cursory glance at the forums that there are still newbies learning how to play. The darn game has staying power!


I also enjoy making my own cards. A lot of the cards I use are adapted from those of NemesiS, Paul Conway, Enigma, EW, John M. Stone, SW, Mylok, Zeblork, and the Admiral Hastings warlords TC, just to name a few. Occasionally I find a card that I really like, but the pic is unedited and doesn't properly show the backgrounds in the game, or I just want a differnt pic, and I get inspired make up my own.


So I've been in the process of making up a Total Conversion of my own, with the fudged weapons and maintenance numbers, new characters, and hopefully, a better gameplay. I guess I'm waiting for the Rebellion Reloaded thing the mods are working on to answer all my gripes, but until then, I'm glad to keep modding.

Delete me. I shouldn't have been here in the first place. Eh, nevermind. SWR is addictive!
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Ahh, again a satisfied costumer :D

Welcome to the forums, lurking member!

Really nice to read such a post like yours.


Good luck with your TC project, and please help our Reloaded project by voting for one of the imperial and NR character in the 2 polls above.

(hey this goes for all of you guys! If you did not vote yet, please hurry up!)


I'm sure you will find a bunch of members on the site with lots of modding experiences. Just keep asking around, especially in the "editing" forums.

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Hello Lurker.

Hope you stay satisfied with the stuff you find here.

You shall often find me in the model editing section if you have any questions about changing stuff in the tactical screen. :wink:




Click here is you like Trance

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Comes from Cain. These are his guidlines for making the AI act a bit more aggressive if you didn't already read 'em. Anyway, welcome, make cool stuff, see if reloaded wants you to help work on cards, yadda yadda yadda. :)


Nu kyr'adyc, shi taab'echaaj'la

Not gone, merely marching far away

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